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Closing Time: GAME Officially In Liquidation

Yesterday we got the news that GAME was closing the remainder of its stores, and it was only a matter of time before it went completely into liquidation mode.

Ritz Camera Shuttering Nearly Half Their Stores

Get it? Shuttering? Developing? Oh, right, hundreds of Ritz employees are losing their livelihoods, and towns across the country are being deprived of their last standalone camera shop. This is actually extremely sad.

Buying an HDTV From Circuit City Liquidation Is Like Lottery From Hell

A horrible reminder about how you could get screwed by Circuit City’s merciless liquidiation overlords: Two customers bought shattered LCD TVs—you’re not allowed to open the box to check ’em—and are totally out $1100.

How One Fed Up Employee Quit Circuit City

When a man takes a stand, it’s not always against some super villain or asteroid hurling toward Earth. In most cases, it’s a simple gesture, like knocking stuff over at Circuit City.

Circuit City Closeout Deals Aren't Deals At All

Those poor saps who bumrushed Circuit City this weekend thinking they’d save money on a TV were paying more—before sales tax—than at most online stores, according to HDGuru and our own quick survey.

The Downfall of Circuit City, In Convenient Graph Form

Where did Circuit City go wrong? Maybe it was Divx. Maybe it was the elimination of commissions in 2003. Wherever it happened, this chart shows the last two years were miserable and ugly. [Consumerist]

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