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You Don't Need To Understand Programming To Appreciate This Awesome Rant

Linus Torvalds is a legendary software engineer and founder of the Linux kernel. He also can’t stand bad code, so sit down, grab the popcorn, and enjoy.

Linux Creator Linus Torvalds Laughs At The AI Apocalypse

Over the past several months, many of the world’s most famous scientists and engineers — including Stephen Hawking — have said that one of the biggest threats to humanity is an artificial superintelligence. But Linus Torvalds, the irascible creator of open source operating system Linux, says their fears are idiotic.

Linus Torvalds: Mitt Romney Is 'A F***ing Moron'

Is it me, or is Linus Torvalds turning into everyone’s favourite drunk uncle? The one that comes to any family gathering, drinks all the wine, slags off the hosts before throwing up in the bushes. It might just be me and my distorted perception of gatherings, but Linus is a laugh-riot when it comes to people he doesn’t like. This time he’s having a go at Mitt Romney for being “a f**ing moron”. Let’s dive right into this one.

Watch Linus Torvalds Flip The Bird And Say 'F**k You' To NVIDIA

A few days ago, Linux creator Linus Torvalds talked in front of students at the Aalto University Center for Entrepreneurship in Otaniemi, Finland. The chat and its Q&A session was around an hour long and while the bulk of it is probably quite interesting, the best bit — by far — occurs at the 49-minute mark when Torvalds delivers his very frank opinion of NVIDIA and its support for Linux.

Linux Turns 20 Today -- And Shut Up, Yes, It Still Matters

We get it. Linux is just for nerds. Not mere nerds — we’re all nerds — Linux nerds. It’s a hobbyist OS for contrarians. It’s an antique. An oddity. Pointless. Right? Very, very wrong. Happy birthday, Linux — let’s celebrate you like we should

Linus Torvalds Loves His New Google Nexus One

Self-described mobile phone cynic and “father of Linux” Linus Torvalds decided to get a Google Nexus One the other day. And while the customer service lines may be clogged over the phone’s performance, Daddy Linux is positively pleased as punch.

Linux Legend Loves Some Windows 7

Why would Linus Torvalds, the man behind the Linux kernel, be giving a big thumbs up in front of a Japanese Windows 7 booth?

The Holy Software Trinity: Torvalds, Jobs and Gates

Painted on Plexiglas, The Trinity offers blessings from the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit of the Linux, Apple and Microsoft cults. We’ll let the commenters hash out who’s who. [Flickr via iPhone Savior]

Geekfest! Lifehacker AU Interviews The Linus Torvalds

Sarah of Lifehacker AU notoriety (Gawd bless ‘er) yesterday did what computer geeks everywhere would gladly kill for – interview computing legend Linus Torvalds. So what’s the man like? A gadget hound? An evil amazing genius? Frankly, the answers are quite surprising and compelling at the same time. Hit the link for the full interview.[Lifehacker AU]  

Torvalds Family Uses Windows, Not Linus' Linux

A piece by Lee Gomes in the WSJ argues that Linux has a long way to go. Proof of this, he says, is the fact that even back in the open-source mother country, Finland, Linus Torvalds’ father and sister use Windows, not Linux. (His mother, however, apparently does use Linux.) Regardless of what Torvalds’ dad might think, Linus did get some Windows trash talk in there:

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