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Facebook's New Reaction Buttons Go Live Today

The global rollout for Facebook’s long-awaited reaction buttons on the social network starts today. So now, instead of just liking a friend’s post, you can now react with “love”, “haha”, “wow”, “sad” or “angry” emoji.

Facebook Is Being Sued By A Dead Man

Dutch programmer Joannes Jozef Everardus van Der Meer is suing Facebook over its ‘Like’ button. Companies get sued all the time! Why do we care? Well, aside from having an A+ name, van Der Meer is actually…dead. He passed away in 2004, just as Facebook was beginning to take over the world. Why is he suing now?

Twitter's Favorite Button Could Have Been A Thanks Button

If you’re a Twitterer, you’re probably very familiar with the favourite button on tweets. It’s Twitter’s equivalent to the Facebook ‘Like’ and a way to show appreciation to a good tweet, a weird tweet, a tweeted link or any tweet without replying or retweeting. It’s fun and it works. It also could have been known as ‘Thanks’.

Researcher Predicts Your Facebook Friends With Frightening Accuracy

Stanford University’s Jure Leskovec knows more about than you think. With the right tools and information, the computer scientist can predict the next person you will friend on Facebook.

If You Like Everything Maybe You Don't Like Anything

Now that everything’s got a Like button next to it, it’s hard to tell what you like and what you, like, like like. Another solid argument for the Meh button, from Natalie Dee. [Natalie Dee via TDW]

Follow Us On Facebook To Win Double Passes To See Skyline

Are you following us on Facebook yet? If you’re not, here’s a reason to click that button over to the right there – At random times over the next few days, we’re going to be giving away double passes to see the new Sci-Fi flick Skyline through our Facebook page.

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