George Lucas Explains The Birth Of Lightsabres

The lightsabre is perhaps the best ever sci-fi weapon — but how did it come to appear in the Star Wars movies? In this short documentary, George Lucas, actor Mark Hamill and sound designer Ben Burtt discuss how the lightsabre was born.

A Lightsabre Battery Lets You Battle Intergalactic Power Emergencies

If you had to pinpoint one common feature of all the backup batteries on the market, it would probably be their uninspired brick-like form factor. There are exceptions, though, but none as elegant and civilised as Brando’s new lightsabre-themed portable backup battery.

Scientists Create New Form Of Matter, And It's Like A Lightsabre

The latest science news out of Harvard and MIT sounds like a joke, but it’s not. A team of physicists were fooling around with photons when they managed to get the particles to clump together to form a molecule, one that’s unlike any other matter. And it behaves, they say, just like a lightsabre.

Glowing Lightsabre Sunglasses Perfect For Tatooine's Two Bright Suns

A Jedi’s hooded cloak is a great way to keep the sun out of their eyes. But, on scorching hot days, especially on planets like Tatooine with two suns, it has to be unbearable under there. Until now, the only real solution was to build a moon-sized space station to simply blow up a glaring sun, but now there are these glowing lightsabre sunglasses as a cheaper alternative.

Lightsabre Knitting Needles: An Elegant Tool For A More Civilised Scarf

Knitting in the dark is all but impossible unless you’re a craft savant. But with this fun tutorial over on Instructables, you don’t have to let the sun going down stop you from finishing that scarf, mittens or lovely sweater.

This Insane Homemade Lightsabre Burns Straight Through Things

OK, so this should be labelled with extreme hazard warnings or something. A crazy laser enthusiast actually built his own lightsabre capable of burning straight through things.

Giving A Baby A Lightsabre Is Never A Good Idea

Imagine a world where lightsabres are real. Totally awesome, yeah? All fun and games, right? But not really when a baby gets his hands on a lightsabre. When they start waving things around, you’re at their mercy. Fingers, homes, human bodies and anything else are just in the way.

This Video Will Ruin Star Wars For You

It’s easy to pick on Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace because of Jar Jar. And, well, everything else too. But you know what’s always fun about Star Wars? The lightsabre battles! This video, however, hilariously points out how silly they look like on closer inspection.

The Coolest Action Figures You Can't Buy Yet

Toy Fair is full of lame jigsaw puzzles, toy horses and other antique things nobody cares about anymore. But! There’s also plenty of unreleased Star Wars, Spider Man and other stuff that makes us feel like excited kids again. Lightsabres!

Sharp Dressers Secure Ties, TIEs With Lightsabre Tie Tacks

When a sharp- dressed man can’t secure his tie in place with the Force, he’ll find a serviceable second in these lightsabre tie tacks. Light side or dark side from Kotobukiya for about $US40. [Kotobukiya via technabob]