You'll Never Leave A Charging Cable With A Built-In Alarm Behind

It wouldn’t be surprising if Apple made as much money selling replacement charging cables as it did phones and tablets. Those white Lightning cables are easier to lose than socks on laundry day, but now there’s an alternative that will actually remind you to pack yours up when you’ve unplugged your phone.

Can Lasers Protect Buildings From Lightning?

The standard advice authorities offer when lightning starts crackling across the sky is for people to take shelter inside buildings. Through lightning rods affixed to the roof, electrical wiring, and plumbing that can direct the electricity away from occupants and into the ground, substantial structures offer protection.

Every Outlet Cover Should Be An LED Nightlight By Default

It’s OK to sacrifice an outlet to a nightlight in a child’s room to scare away monsters, but elsewhere in your home they’re far more valuable for other electronics and appliances. And that’s exactly why these replacement outlet covers with built-in LED nightlights are so clever — and should eventually be standard in every home.

Lightning Struck Rio's Jesus Christ Statue And Broke Off His Fingers

Rio de Janeiro, which has been getting lit up with lightning storms this week, just got hit with another one — and this one struck the city’s famous 38.1m tall Christ the Redeemer statue on top of the Corcovado mountain. A lightning bolt broke off a few fingers on his right hand.

Scientists Observe Ball Lightning In Nature For The First Time Ever

Ball lightning, lyrically known as St. Elmo’s Fire, is a phenomenon where electrical storms create a moving, glowing sphere that hangs in the sky. Scientists have created ball lightning in the lab, but had never observed it in nature until now. And it’s just as crazy as it looks.

Watch These Wind Turbines Shoot Incredible Lightning Into A Storm

We all know wind turbines can produce electricity, but have you seen them produce lightning? When scientists trained high-speed cameras on a wind farm in Spain, they captured lightning bolts shooting out of the wind turbines. Tall structures like towers can initiate ground-to-cloud lightning, but ever-spinning wind turbines present a unique challenge.

Lightning Kills Three People On A Beach, Injures 22

Argentina’s beaches are getting quite dangerous during the southern hemisphere’s summer. Seventy people were injured by a swarm of piranhas about two weeks ago and now lightning has killed three teens and injured 22 people in a seaside spa of Villa Gesell, a coastal town in the province of Buenos Aires. Earth can be quite an unforgiving place at times.

A Rainbow USB Cable With Every Charging Adaptor You Need -- Also Nokia

It may seem a little opulent, but a lot of us won’t leave home with at least our smartphone — maybe even two — and a tablet. And eventually one of them is going to need a battery boost, so instead of carrying charging cables and adapters for every single device, toss this single colourful USB adaptor in your bag and you’re all set.

Man-Made Volcanic Lightning Has Been Created For The First Time

The coolest kid science fair projects were always those erupting baking soda and vinegar volcanoes. Nothing captures the imagination like a good ol’ explosion. This is kind of like that but a lot more insane and groundbreaking: scientists have created artificial volcano lightning in a lab for the very first time.

Impossibly Thin Charging Cables No Thicker Than A Pair Of Credit Cards

Boosting the battery life on a mobile device is easy; they just need to get a lot thicker. But since none of us are willing to give up our svelte smartphones or tablets, we’ve bought into a life that involves bringing charging cables wherever we go. A hassle that’s now slightly less annoying with these ultra-thin USB cables that can easily slip into the slimmest of pockets.