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Seeing Lightning Strikes From Space Is Really Beautiful

Video: In our continuing coverage of Mother Nature’s wrath on the planet Earth (also known as lightning strikes on this blue marble), here is an otherworldly view of how this world of ours gets pummelled by electricity. Being so far removed from the ground, like how British ESA astronaut Tim Peake is, the lightning strikes that scar Earth are almost peaceful. Maybe even beautiful?

Lightning Hitting An Aeroplane Wing Looks Like Lasers Shooting Out From It

Video: The weather has been really fun and generous with lightning strikes these days. We’ve seen it destroy trees and gotten an up close view of it striking but this one might be the coolest angle yet: from outside a flying aeroplane window. The lightning hits the tip of the wing and then streaks in a straight line like a laser shooting out. Pretty cool.

This Thunderstorm Time Lapse Is The Most Frightening Thing

Video: I know what my nightmares look like in real life now: this storm off of Maroochydore, Australia. I know what my version of hell would be: this storm off of Maroochydore, Australia. I know all this because this time lapse footage from Blue Dog Films is terrifying in the worst ways, with lightning buzzing and snapping all over the place and clouds morphing into every imaginable shape all at once.

The Closest You Can Get To A Lightning Strike Without Actually Getting Struck By Lightning

Video: Well, damn. That’s a heck of a close call. This footage of a thunderstorm is from South Sydney, Australia, and you can see how close the people taken the footage were to getting struck by lightning. This is very probably the closest you could get without actually getting blasted with a bolt.

Here's A Lightning Bolt Striking And Destroying A Tree

Video: Alternative headline: Tree takes a lightning strike and is somehow still standing? I don’t know who the actual winner is here. The lightning bolt that struck the tree and ripped half of the trunk away while flooring all of its branches, or the tree that takes the bolt’s best shot and hangs in there quite admirably?

This Bison Was Struck By Lightning And Emerged Ugly But Alive

If you’re ever in Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge, keep an eye out for the ugliest bison alive. That’s not an insult. Taking a direct hit from a lightning bolt and staying alive is something to be proud of.

These $800 Lightning Headphones Make Your iPhone's 3.5mm Jack Redundant

If you don’t like using the 3.5mm headphone jack on your iPhone but demand high-end audio, you’re a rare beast. But a rare beast whose dreams have come true, in the shape of Audeze’s new headphones, which combine audiophile luxury with an integrated Lightning connector.

This Is Just Too Much: Lightning Illuminates The ISS With The Milky Way As A Backdrop

Briefly: What could be more majestic than seeing a flash of lightning on Earth reflecting on the solar panels of the International Space Station, soaring at 27,600km/h 400km above us? How about all of that, with the expanse of the Milky Way twinkling in the background. I can’t imagine a view better that this one, which was captured by NASA astronaut Kjell Lindgren a few hours ago. Thank you, flight engineer Lindgren!

Here's What California's Thick Blanket Of Wildfire Smoke Look Like From Orbit

NASA’s Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer, or MODIS, records what’s happening on the surface of the Earth every day or two. That means recording dust storms, hurricanes, typhoons — and, as was the case this week, a thick layer of smoke over California.

Rainbow Lightning Is A Rare Sight

A stunning photo of a rainbow arcing over a lightning strike in Tucson, Arizona took the Internet by storm last week, garnering nearly 4000 retweets on Twitter. And there’s a good reason the image went viral: Rainbow lightning is a spectacular — and spectacularly rare — phenomenon.

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