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What's It Like To See Auroras On Other Planets?

Witnessing an aurora first-hand is a truly awe-inspiring experience. The natural beauty of the northern or southern lights captures the public imagination unlike any other aspect of space weather. But auroras aren’t unique to Earth and can be seen on several other planets in our solar system.

A Tiny Cage Could Trap Light In But Let Liquids Out

How do you trap light inside something that’s filled with holes? That may sound like an odd question, but it’s one that Australian researchers have been grappling with to create a new kind of microscopic container that locks light in but lets fluids pass straight through.

A Simple Filter Change Could Make Low-Light Photography Much Better

Good low-light photography is one of the toughest nuts to crack: to get good pictures in the dark normally requires some combination of fast lenses and big, expensive sensors. But tweaking one filter that lives inside the camera could help big time.

This Graphene Detector Monitors All Forms Of Light -- And Is Lightning Fast, Too

It may look like something you’d use for target practice, but this is a new kind of sensor that can detect the presence of all kinds of light — and reacts to it in super-quick time, too.

Scientists Have Produced The Blackest Material Ever

A team of scientists has created what they claim is the blackest material ever produced by human hands, which absorbs virtually all of the light that hits its surface.

What Exactly Is Light?

Video: It’s simple enough, right? Light is light. We get it from the Sun, when we flip on the switch, or turn on the flashlight. We see it! But that explanation doesn’t really explain anything. Kurz Gesagt breaks down what light is using wavelengths and frequencies and the speed of it to explain why it’s so damn special.

This Bug-Eyed Camera Is A Whole New Take On Capturing Pro Quality Pics 

You’ve never seen a camera that looks like this. Its flat black visage is like the face of some terrible spider. It’s called the Light L16, and it may not look the part of photographic tool, but it hopes to accomplish the impossible: professional quality in an (almost) pocket-sized device.

The First Ever Optical Rectenna Turns Light Directly Into DC Current

This fancy-looking slab is the world’s first optical rectenna, a small device that’s part antenna, part rectifier diode — and it’s able to convert light directly into DC current.

Proof That Dusk And Dawn In Australia Are The Best Times Of The Day

People like dawn because it’s the start of the new day and the illusion of opportunity exists as light breaks the night. I like dawn because when I see the sun rise it meant I had a great night. But dusk is more my speed, the world comes alive in a completely different way. In any case, dusk and dawn are the best times of the day.

New Software Lets You See The World Through Animal Eyes

If you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to see the world as a lizard or a bumble bee or some other animal, you’re in luck: a new piece of open access software allows you to see how other creatures see the world.

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