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The World's Smallest Optical Switch Uses Just A Single Atom

Turning off a light just became a much smaller task. A team of researchers has developed the world’s smallest optical switch, which uses just a single atom to control the flow of light.

New York City Is Even More Stunning When The Light Hits It

Video: New York is one of my favourite places in the world because of so many things. However in certain moments it can be a miserable place to live, as you wonder if it’s worth it to be packed on top of people and if the city is all a big scam. That’s why it’s nice to be reminded about how special the city can be. Jonathan J. Scott made this short film showing the light hitting New York City just right and it’s gorgeous.

This New Incandescent Bulb Uses Nano Mirrors To Match LED Efficiency

Energy-saving bulbs may have some competition in the shape of an ageing technology. Scientists have developed a new kind of incandescent light bulb that uses modern science to ramp up its efficiency, almost matching that of commercial LED bulbs.

This Material Can Soak Up Sunlight Then Release Heat On Demand

Imagine clothes, houses or cars that soaked up heat during the day and then released it on demand when things turned cold. That’s exactly what a new material made at MIT could provide in the future.

New Solar Gadgets To Charge Your Camping Gear

Like camping, but can’t give up the gadgets and luxuries of home? Solar power can keep you going when off the grid. The team at Gizmodo Australia has rounded up 10 of the best solar powered gadgets available in Australia to help keep the electrons flowing next time you go camping.

All Reading Apps Should Feature Play Books' New Light Filter 

The blue light that emanates from your phone’s screen is known to disrupt your sleep. So it’s good news that Google has added a light filter to its Play Books app, which gradually tapers the amount of blue light used by your display as you inch closer to bedtime. All apps should have it.

What's It Like To See Auroras On Other Planets?

Witnessing an aurora first-hand is a truly awe-inspiring experience. The natural beauty of the northern or southern lights captures the public imagination unlike any other aspect of space weather. But auroras aren’t unique to Earth and can be seen on several other planets in our solar system.

A Tiny Cage Could Trap Light In But Let Liquids Out

How do you trap light inside something that’s filled with holes? That may sound like an odd question, but it’s one that Australian researchers have been grappling with to create a new kind of microscopic container that locks light in but lets fluids pass straight through.

A Simple Filter Change Could Make Low-Light Photography Much Better

Good low-light photography is one of the toughest nuts to crack: to get good pictures in the dark normally requires some combination of fast lenses and big, expensive sensors. But tweaking one filter that lives inside the camera could help big time.

This Graphene Detector Monitors All Forms Of Light -- And Is Lightning Fast, Too

It may look like something you’d use for target practice, but this is a new kind of sensor that can detect the presence of all kinds of light — and reacts to it in super-quick time, too.

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