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The Optus 4G TD-LTE Trial: Everything You Need To Know

Optus today officially began trials of its TD-LTE 4G service in Canberra, ahead of a public launch for the service on June 4. Here’s what’s happening and how it will potentially make 4G more reliable.

How To BYOD And Remain Secure

We increasingly live in a bring your own device (BYOD) world. Given the choice between your smooth shiny new contract smartphone and some dumbphone horror on a rubbish network, why would you pick the inferior work-supplied option? That’s fine, but make sure your device stays secure by following these simple guidelines.

Why Windows 8 Won't Solve Your Security Woes

Windows 8 comes with Microsoft’s Windows Defender technology built-in and offers Microsoft-vetted apps through the Windows Store. Both those changes mean that your PC has more protection built in, but they don’t mean you can neglect all the other aspects of computer security. Here are the reasons why.

The Lifehacker Total Security Guide

Security is one of our perennial Lifehacker topics: as fast as technology advances, criminals find new ways to exploit it. Here are our 10 most popular guides to security, covering every aspect of your online life.

10 Biggest Computer Security Myths Busted

Keeping your computer secure can be confusing, so it’s not surprising that mistaken beliefs often end up taking root. Here are the ten biggest myths about computer security, busted once and for all.

Encryption 101: Understanding The Basics

A simple password stops criminal types gaining access to your machine, but doesn’t protect your data if the hard drive gets removed, or stop attempts to intercept your internet connection. To achieve that goal, you need encryption, but it can be a confusing topic. Here are the basics everyone needs to know.

Top 10 Ways To Stay Secure On Social Networks

Facebook and Twitter consume increasingly large chunks of our time, providing us with a public face to the world and accumulating personal data over time. Those benefits come with significant security risks, however. Make sure your social networking dream doesn’t turn into a nightmare by ensuring you follow good security practices.

The Myth Of Complete Mac Security

Apple has long touted security as a selling point for Mac OS X. While it’s the case that there are far more viruses for Windows than Mac, but the notion that Mac users don’t need to have any concerns about security is a myth that deserves to be well and truly busted.

The Five-Step Guide To Securing Someone Else's Computer

You know it’s going to happen; a friend or relative asks you to help set up their new computer and ensure that they’re protected from all the potential nasties out there. Follow these five simple steps to make sure their machine is safe.

Why Paying for Security Software Can Make Sense

Not securing your computer at all isn’t an option: there are too many potential security threats, from losing personal data to bringing down your entire office infrastructure. Many of our readers favour free solutions, but in security there’s also a good case to be made for paying.

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