This Is Why You Should Never Share Your Twitter Password

This past Friday, I mentioned that I was trying to get the new Twitter web client. My colleague and noted internet deviant Mat Honan graciously offered to pop in the workaround for me if I’d send him my password. I was in a rush to get to a meeting, so unaccountably, I agreed. Big mistake.

The CDC's Official Zombie Gadget Bag

As if you didn’t have enough to worry about this weekend, Assistant Surgeon General Ali Khan is warning of a pending Zombie apocalypse. And she hasn’t even been fired yet! Actually, it’s a pretty good idea.

Soon Eye-Tracking Technology Will Reveal If You're Lying

It seems that The Eagles were on to something when they sang that “there ain’t no way to hide your lyin’ eyes”, because researchers are working on eye-tracking technology which will detect dishonesty better than a traditional polygraph test.

More Misinformation From Minister Conroy...

Not content to lie to the public about iiNet supporting the government’s proposed mandatory internet filter, Senator Conroy continued his campaign of not necessarily getting his facts right yesterday by claiming on ABC News that if you were banking online when Google’s Streetview car came rolling by, it could have sucked up all your personal information.

iiNet Busts Conroy For Spreading 'Misinformation'

Senator Conroy has been on the warpath recently, accusing critics of the government’s proposed mandatory internet filter of spreading “misinformation”. Well last week, the minister himself was busted by iiNet after he publicly claimed that the ISP approved of and supported the filter. Which they don’t, obviously.

Warning: Robots Have Learned Deception, Will Kill Us All

Not to get all alarmist with you people, but a group of robots in Switzerland have learned to lie to each other about the location of an object representing food, which almost certainly means we’re all going to die. Soon.

Agile Lie Detector: Tell Me the Truth, iPhone!

No good can come of this, but if you’re in need to a quick and unreliable way to test your spouse’s fidelity, then the $US8 Agile Lie Detector for the iPhone might work.

iPhone May Take Pictures Of Your Junk and Send Them to Your Attractive Coworker

The guy at the Genius Bar, you know, the one from Die Hard 4? Yeah, he told me it happens all the time. Honey, you’ve got to believe me. By the way, never go to the Apple support forums. Love you! [Apple via The Inquirer]

PS3 Guitar Hero Drums Aren't Working in Rock Band

Since Guitar Hero: World Tour features a full set of instruments that are nearly identical to Rock Band’s, Activision decided that it was time to take the high road and make their PS3 hardware completely compatible with their competition. Great, right? Well it is, except for one minor catch: PS3 Guitar Hero drums are not working in Rock Band. Oh, and the Rock Band mic isn’t working in Guitar Hero, either.

USB Presidential Polygraph Lets You Say 'Thanks But No Thanks' to Liars

The Presidential Polygraph is a USB lie detector that will let you quickly and easily determine whether or not someone is telling the truth. For a mere $US50, it comes with all the stuff you’ll need to determine whether or not your brother-in-law really loves your sister: a pulse oximeter finger clip, skin galvanisation finger wraps, a “breathing apparatus,” and the necessary software. And, because no one lies better than politicians, it comes complete with creepy likenesses of the 2008 presidential candidates. If only you could hook it up to the TV for tonight’s debate! It would probably overload and set your computer on fire. [Presidential Polygraph]

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