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UN Panel Wants To Ban Li-On Battery Shipments In The Hold Of Passenger Aeroplanes

Li-on batteries can, in some circumstances, be really rather dangerous. A UN panel agrees: the agency has recommended banning rechargeable li-on battery shipments from the holds of passenger aeroplanes.

This Is What Happens Inside And Out When A Li-On Battery Explodes

When a lithium-ion battery begins to overheat, it can get caught up in a vicious cycle known as thermal runaway — causing it to explode and catch fire. Now, researchers have imaged what happens inside and out the battery to understand the process.

This Is What A Li-On Electrode Looks Like As It Drains And Charges

Lithium-ion batteries are ubiquitous — as is their gradual degradation over the lifetime of a gadget. Now, using a new imaging technique, a team of researchers shows what happens deep within li-on cells as they charge and discharge.

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