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You Can Go To Jail For Having The File For A 3D-Printed Gun

Ever downloaded the plans to print a gun with a 3D printer? Under new NSW laws, you could be up for a massive jail term.

Uber Set To Be Legalised In NSW

According to a report in the Daily Telegraph this morning, the state’s war with Uber is set to come to a close — or at least a tentative cease fire — as Transport for NSW begins plans to legalise the service.

Rdio Is Dead, And Pandora Is Buying Its Corpse For $US75 Million

The music wars have claimed another victim: Rdio is dead.

Data Retention 2.0: A Closer Look At The UK's Terrifying Investigatory Powers Bill

You might think that Australia’s draconian data retention law is a pain, but wait until you see what the UK Government has planned for its citizens: mandatory retention of browsing histories, unwarranted phone taps and metadata inspection for every single citizen. Welcome to Data Retention 2.0, where the UK plays for keeps.

Police Discover Worst Cable Management Situation Ever Following Sydney Marijuana Bust

Oh god. Oh GOD. NSW Police busted a marijuana grow operation in Sydney this week, but the power situation they found inside the house is a bigger crime than growing any quantity of weed could ever be.

Dyson And LG Are Fighting Over Who Has The Most Powerful Cordless Vacuum

Dyson prides itself on having some of the best vacuums in the industry, and proudly says so in its advertising material. But that’s no longer the case: Dyson has been bested by LG and its CordZero cordless vacuum, and has pledged to remove advertising material from stores and online saying that the Dyson V6 Cordless is the “most powerful cordless vacuum” as part of an out-of-court settlement.

George Orwell's Estate Is Issuing Copyright Takedowns For The Number '1984'

George Orwell’s estate is watching you — at least if you try and use the number ‘1984’. In an ironic turn of events, the Orwell estate has recently issued a copyright takedown to prevent the use of the four digits without permission, reports Torrent Freak.

Amazon Is Suing 1000 Fake Five-Star Reviewers

As well as promising the entire world in a box, Amazon also trades on the quality of its reviews. So it’s actually not that surprising that the company is taking 1114 unknown reviewers to court.

How To Get Around Australia's Data Retention Scheme: Everything You Need To Know

Can you feel it? Your data…it’s being retained right now. Greens Senator Scott Ludlam gave us all some great advice on what is being tracked by the Government’s new metadata retention scheme, as well as a few basic ways to get around the legislation. This is the master class in dodging data retention from Pirate Party Australia members. Here’s how to get around metadata retention using everything from encrypted calls and messaging services on mobile and desktop platforms, using Tor and keeping your email safe.

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