Report: Australian Police Lift Metadata On Thousands Of Users Via Cell Towers

Metadata is a tricky thing. Sure, it can’t be used to figure out exactly what you said in that most recent phone conversation or text message, but it can be used to place you at a certain place at a certain time by law enforcement, even if you haven’t done anything wrong. A new report says that Police around the nation are potentially scooping up data on thousands of users at a time, even when the data collected doesn’t pertain to those under investigation.

Traders Selling Dodgy Chargers Raided By NSW Authorities

Dodgy chargers have already killed one woman and injured a child in New South Wales, and the government has had enough: rogue traders selling uncertified chargers are in the crosshairs following hundreds of raids on business owners.

How To Tell If Your Charger Is Safe To Use In Australia

Uncertified USB chargers have already claimed the life of one Australian, and another has since survived a similar incident. It’s important to know if your charger is safe for use before you plug it into the wall. Here’s how you can tell.

Western Australia Might Soon Have An Official Suburb Called South Park

You may soon be able to actually head on down to South Park and have yourself a time. A new plan by the Western Australian state government might see the creation of a hybrid suburb bearing the name of the iconic cartoon suburb.

A Melbourne Guy Is Allegedly Blackmailing Subway Over Secret Sandwich Recipes

Ever been upset by a former employer? Melbourne man, Arun Singhal, knows how you feel. Unlike other disgruntled former employees, however, Singhal is taking matters into his own hands against sandwich giant Subway, threatening to release secret sandwich recipes online if he’s not paid $35 million.

Ban On R18+ Games Under Consideration In Western Australia

We can all agree that classification is a complex issue and despite an R18+ rating for video games getting the go-ahead early last year, its existence and application will continue to be discussed (and potentially legislated) for years to come. Western Australia is the latest state to reconsider the ramifications of the rating, with a recent report suggesting games classified as R18+ should be banned outright from sale in the state.

Site Blocking: Does It Work To Stop Piracy?

To preface this blog, let me point out, yet again, that we think piracy is wrong. This blog is not a ‘how to’ session on copyright infringement, we don’t do that. This is more of an attempt to educate people that think in sentences that start with the word ‘just’.

Why IKEA Shutting Down Its Most Popular Fan Site Is A Giant Mistake

If you’re like me, you’ve spent countless hours surfing IkeaHackers, where IKEA fans send in their mods and hacks. You’ve also probably spent money at IKEA thanks to the site, which has inspired a DIY fervour among its fans. Which is why IKEA shutting down IkeaHackers this weekend over trademark claims is beyond boneheaded.

Tor Is For Everyone: Why You Should Use Tor

EFF recently kicked off its second Tor Challenge, an initiative to strengthen the Tor network for online anonymity and improve one of the best free privacy tools in existence. The campaign — which launched with partners at the Freedom of the Press Foundation, the Tor Project, and the Free Software Foundation — is already off to a great start. In just the first few days, it’s seen over 600 new or expanded Tor nodes — more than during the entire first Tor Challenge. This is great news, but how does it affect you?

Put Down The Smart Drugs: Cognitive Enhancement Is Ethically Risky Business

Cognitive performance enhancers promise to deliver a better version of ourselves: smarter, more alert and more mentally agile. But what if such enhancement was no longer a personal choice but a socially and legally enforced responsibility?