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Car Thief In Western Australia Evades Police By Driving Into The Sea

While Australia doesn’t have its own “Florida man”, we do have our fair share of dumb criminals. For some reason, our thieves can’t seem to figure out the limitations of their own (or stolen) vehicles, be it trying to take off with an ATM or in this case, testing the non-existent amphibious qualities of a station wagon.

EU Ruling To Stop US Companies Moving Data Freely Across The Atlantic

A new court ruling from the European Court of Justice deems invalid a legal framework that has until now been used to justify the free transfer of data between the European Union and the U.S..

The Patent Trolls Strike Again!

Briefly: The patent trolls strike again! Minero Digital LLC, a shell company with ties to the patent-holding giant Intellectual Ventures, is taking Wal-Mart, Best Buy and two dozen other companies to court over USB hubs. Minero demands the companies pay royalties on said hubs, based on a patent it acquired from IV in April, 2015.

Samsung Might Have To Change Its Phones Following Apple Patent Appeal Win

Briefly: Apple has walked away with a patent suit victory in a US appeal court, meaning Samsung might soon have to change some of its devices.

California Smacks Down Bill That Would Have Limited Private Drone Flights

This week marked a win for fans of unmanned aerial vehicles: California governor Jerry Brown vetoed Senate Bill 142, which would have outlawed drone flights below 350 feet over private property.

Qld Woman In Hospital After Being Run Over By Uber Driver

After a long-running series of incidents involving Uber drivers injuring, threatening or otherwise harassing their passengers around the world, the ride-sharing service’s woes have come to Australia. A Queensland woman was this weekend thrown out of an Uber by an aggressive driver before being run over and subsequently hospitalised.

Getty Images Might Try And Get Money Out Of You For Using This Meme

Take an image, add a caption. Congratulations — you’ve made a meme! Of course, its popularity isn’t guaranteed, but if your hastily-made piece of visual commentary did circulate en masse, you might want to make sure the image you use isn’t from Getty. Otherwise, the company could try to make a few bucks out of protecting its copyrights from anyone careless enough to post it.

The FBI Now Needs A Warrant To Use Its Phone-Sniffing Stingray Boxes

Privacy took a blow last week when the NSA got permission to keep operating a massive dragnet. Here’s some better news: As of today, US agents should have a harder time using Stingrays to spy on mobile phones.

FBI: Don't Accidentally Buy Artifacts Stolen By ISIS

The FBI has a warning for all you antique dealers and museum curators out there: If you’re trading in Syrian or Iraqi pieces right now, you could be funding ISIS.

Some US Cops Are Now Allowed To Taser And Tear Gas People From Drones

North Dakota just became the first state to legalise taser drones. Shocking.

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