Kim Dotcom Dubbed A 'Fugitive' So The US Can Keep His Money

Mega and Kim Dotcom have had a rough time of it, with complex ongoing legal battles that have sapped his few remaining funds. Part of the problem is that US holds all his money and assets and are doing their best to keep it all for themselves.

iiNet Pays $204,000 Fine Over Dodgy Naked Broadband Ads

It’s a bittersweet day for iiNet. After being announced as the first unmetered partner for Netflix, it has been revealed the ISP has to pay the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) the handsome sum of $204,000 over dodgy Naked Broadband ads.

Ericsson Is Suing To Block Sales Of iPhones In The US

Ericsson has announced that it’s filing seven new lawsuits in a US court against Apple for infringing its patents — and it’s asking the US International Trade Commission to block iPhones from sale too.

Apple Has To Pay $US533 Million For A Patent Infringement Within iTunes

The US District Court for the Eastern District of Texas has ruled that Apple must pay $US532.9 million because iTunes infringed three patents owned by a Texas-based patent licensing called company Smartflash.

NSW Police Officers Will Use The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 On The Streets To Tackle Crime

In a bid to make NSW Police officers more effective on the beat, 500 of them have been given a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with a bunch of cop-friendly apps.

NYPD Uses Social Media To Bust Terrorists, Loud Parties

That the NYPD has a crack Social Media Squad stalking your every move is old news, but a recent Freedom of Information request sheds new light on exactly how the cops use their Facebooking powers. The answer? They’re on the lookout for terrorists, cop killers and um, loud parties.

In Australia, Posting Drone Video On YouTube Might Get You Fined

If you own a drone, you have to be responsible about where you fly it — and that means respecting the existing rules in place from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority. Uploading footage of your less-than-legal drone antics might see you copping a fine from the boys in blue.

CASA Reinforces Drone Rules After Amateur Nearly Hits Police Officer

I personally haven’t seen any amateur drone operators doing their thing over the holidays, but given the affordability and availability of quadcopters, it’s likely many, many people received one for Christmas and have wasted little time terrorising the rest of us. Or in the case of one Melbourne man, stacking his drone in the middle of a police operation and narrowly avoiding a police officer. Some angry cops and a $850 fine later and CASA is once again trying to get the word out.

Victoria Police Apprehend Man Riding 49cc Esky Without A License

We all have different ways of getting around. Bicycles, cars, trucks and eskies. So when… wait a minute, did you say “eskies”? Yes, motorised chilly bins are more popular than you might think. Earlier this month, an Adelaide man was caught on a powered cooler and last night, a guy from Rosebud West in Victoria caught the eye of police on his blue-and-white pride and joy.