LG Busted By Australian Court For Saying Its TVs Are Better Than Samsung's

Remember when the battle for your 3D TV dollars came down to the difference between active and passive 3D technology? LG does, and it’s about to pay dearly for saying its passive 3D tech was better than Samsung’s 3D TVs back in 2011.

Aussie Police Want You To Stop Uploading Dashcam Footage

Dashcam videos make for some insane viewing, but the cops are kind of sick of you sharing it online.

Uber Drivers Are Being Slapped By The Australian Tax Office

The Government’s tax crusade has reached Uber’s Australian doorstep, with drivers on its cheap UberX tier now required to register as a business and pay GST, or risk even more fines.

Great, Now Even Cacti Can Spy On Us

In dystopian science fiction, overbearing police states have cameras and sensors perched on everything imaginable — like buildings, lamp posts, human bodies, and….fake desert flora?

Government Reportedly Drops Plans For So-Called 'Netflix Tax'

The war over charging the GST on overseas purchases under $1000 seems to have reached a cease-fire stage once again, with the Government reportedly dropping plans for its “Netflix Tax” ahead of next week’s Federal Budget.

EA Attracts Legal Attention From Aussie Watchdog Over Refund Policy

Electronic Arts has provided the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) with a court enforceable undertaking today saying that the refunds policy on its Origin digital games platform were likely to have breached Australian Consumer Law.

Expect Fines If You Use Your Smartwatch While Driving

While it likely won’t get to the extreme point of having to remove one’s smartwatch to drive, state police plan to classify such devices as potential distractions, in the same league as your mobile phone or GPS, with all the associated fines and penalties.

If Media Companies Block VPN Sites, Just Build Your Own

There’s a lot of talk over whether the VPNs will be blocked to stop Australian’s getting at overseas content. David Glance of the University of Western Australia’s Centre for Software Practice takes a look at how you can build your own.