Telstra Could Make $98 Billion From NBN Co

If you thought Telstra geting around $11 billion for its fixed line network and associated assets was a sizeable deal, wait until you hear this: NBN Co may end up paying Telstra an insane $98 billion for the lease of its network between now and 2067 according to a new report by CommsDay.

How Apple Decided It Wanted To Sue Samsung For $2.19 Billion

If you’ve ever wondered how companies like Apple settle on a figure for which to sue their competitors in the many and varied legal trials you hear about, you’re in luck. Court filings have revealed how Apple came to the $US2.19 billion sum it’s currently pursuing Samsung for.

Can You Outrun A Speed Camera? Science Says Yes

It goes without saying the dumbest method one could employ to avoid a speeding fine is to drive faster, but from a purely theoretical point of view, could you outrun these mechanical cyclopes, given a high enough velocity? Students from the UK’s University of Leicester believe so, but the momentum required is far beyond the capabilities of your humble Datsun 120Y.

Facebook's Australian Fight-Back: Standing Up Against Bullying And Bad Government Ideas

I just got hit in the back with a flying ping pong ball. The schoolkid behind the errant ball apologises and goes back to his game with a girl from another school. That’s usually the hallmark of being in a funky social network’s offices: the familiar slap of ping pong/foozball/shuffleboard going on in the background as the pop music soundtrack blasts on. There are 20 kids in Facebook’s Sydney office right now, and everyone’s here having fun, but the subject matter is about to turn serious. Behind the guise of a DJ, a giant whiteboard people can write on and a bunch of hashtags around the room is a show of strength against the government’s plan to install an e-safety commissioner.

Queensland Guy Charged After Hacking 'US Gaming Network'

Queensland Police, in conjunction with the FBI, have this morning charged a Queensland guy with hacking offences after he breached an as-yet-undisclosed US gaming network.

CSIRO Braces For Massive Staff Cuts

Australia’s peak science body is facing a swathe of staff cutbacks in the coming months, with hundreds of scientific support staff, ancillary teams and senior managers heading for the chop in a bid to save cash.

Google: Australian Piracy Is An Availability And Pricing Problem

Can I get an ‘amen’?! Google Australia’s head of public policy, Iarla Flynn, is your new hero: in a letter penned to Malcolm Turnbull on behalf of Google Australia about the state of Australian media, Flynn says that Australia has a piracy problem. A problem which can be solved by taking a look at the availability of content and the price of the content which is available here.

Australian 'Cyber-Safety' Commissioner Panned By Google, Facebook, Twitter

The Coalition Government thinks that the internet is a dangerous place. A place that needs to be fenced off from our kids so that they don’t stub their proverbial toes on the big, bad online world out there. They want a Government-appointed “cyber-commissioner” (kill me now) to help keep kids safe on big social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Wouldn’t you know it, though: Facebook, Twitter and Google all think that’s a stupid idea.

Telstra's Transparency Report Reveals Massive Numbers Of Law Enforcement Data Requests

Being transparent is in vogue right now, and to keep up, Telstra has decided to come clean about all the government and law enforcement requests it gets for customer data. There are more than you think.