Will Samsung's VR Headset Look Like This?

Plenty of information has already leaked out about Samsung’s upcoming “Gear VR” headset, including some pretty clear shots of how it looks on the eye side.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Looks Like a High-Res Beast Of A Phone

Forget the Samsung Galaxy Alpha — the Galaxy Note 4 looks like a proper flagship worthy of your attention. Or at least it does according to this alleged retail listing leak, which pips Samsung to the post by apparently spilling all the smartphone’s secret specs.

Leaked Galaxy Note 4 Images Show Off Metal And Pleather

We already know a lot of rumours and speculation surrounding Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 4, but we had yet to see any leaked images of the thing. These photos provide that last piece to this phablet puzzle.

New Samsung Galaxy Alpha Leaks Show iPhone-Inspired Design

The Samsung Galaxy line has been a smartphone stalwart for years. But unanticipated commercial and design criticism of its latest flagship, the Galaxy S5, has forced the company to go in a different creative direction — down a road that apparently leads straight to Cupertino, Calif.

The End Of Evleaks: Why The Internet's Top Tech Leaker Gave Up

You may not have noticed yesterday that the Twitter account of one of the most prolific tech leakers in history fell silent. The cold light of Monday came around, however, and we knew it to be true: Evleaks has retired his life of leaks. Here’s why.

Samsung's Gear VR Headset Plans Outed By Leaked Official Companion App

Samsung’s Gear VR headset thing is the subject of a new leak, with a mobile companion/control app for the gadget now unofficially available.

New Aussie Security Laws Would Jail Journalists For Reporting On Snowden-Style Leaks

It’s no secret that the Government wants to give Australian spooks more power to catch bad guys. With plans like data retention and enhanced surveillance powers still on the table, it isn’t just crims who should be afraid of Johnny Law these days: journalists now have reason to fear as well. To crack down on embarrassing, Edward Snowden-style whistleblowers that expose the secrets of a large spy organisation, the Attorney General is pursuing new powers that would see said journalists jailed for reporting on the leaks.

Doctor Who Scripts Leak Online

The endless stream of Doctor Who leaks continues, as scripts for the upcoming eighth season leak online thanks to a BBC employee’s screw up.

New HTC One Seemingly Leaked In This Detailed 12-Minute Video

Given we already seem to know so much about this year’s HTC One successor, you have to wonder what will be left for the struggling Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer to show off at its showcase event on 25 March. Thanks to this lengthy video leak, they might as well box ‘em up and get the phone down to the shops already.

New Telstra Plans: The Full Leaked Pricing [Updated]

Telstra’s new plans are coming on March 4, and we’ve already talked about how good they’re going to be for consumers. Now we have the full leaked pricing of the plans set to hit the market, two weeks ahead of their official release. Meet the new Telstra Mobile Accelerate Plans. Update: Telstra has now made them official.

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