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This Augmented Reality App Is The Final Nail In The QR Code's Hideous Coffin

Just about everyone except for inept marketers can agree that QR codes are terrible and useless. That being said, there’s not really a better alternative if you’re looking to implement augmented reality on the cheap. Until now, thanks to Layar’s new page-scanning smartphone app.

Android Appalooza Augmented Reality: Layar

Augmented Reality’s one of those terms that’s been rather over-used in recent years, but Layar, one of the first AR smartphone apps, remains a favourite.

Layar Steps Up Its Augmented Reality App With Twitter, Facebook

Liked something you’ve seen on Layar? The 5.0 update lets people share screenshots to Twitter or Facebook, and also brings along animated 3D effects for some of the augmented reality stuff. Check out the new updated version for iPhone or Android now, for free. [Layar via The Phone Scoop via BGR]

iAppalooza Travel: Layar

If you’ve never been stranded in a foreign city with a dire need to find a public restroom as a direct result of the previous night’s curry, you’ve never truly travelled. And this is what makes Layar a necessary travel companion – it will show you not just where the public toilets are, but a heap of relevant information superimposed over the real world, to help you find what you need wherever you are.

AR Labyrinth Android App Turns Layar Into That Windows 95 "3D Maze" Game

There was a time, before GTA, when parents let their children play video games – as long as those games were Windows freebies like Hover! and SkiFree. Or Win95 screensaver “game” 3D Maze, which has reappeared as a Layar add-on.

Layar 3.5 Update Does Away With Searching to Save Time

In your FACE, iPhone users! Layar’s latest update, 3.5, has been released first for Android phones. It includes the new ‘stream’ feature, which offers up augmented reality information based on your location, without a search entry needed.

Augmented Reality Flashmob Kicking Off Tomorrow In Amsterdam

Armed with either an iPhone or Android, hundreds of Amsterdam residents are expected to converge on Dam Square tomorrow at 2pm for the first ever augmented reality flashmob. Darth Vader, Superman and various other characters will be making super-special appearances.

Layar, The iPhone's Best App, Is Back In The App Store

After it was pulled in December due to some bugs, Layar is back in the App Store, available for iPhone 3GS users.

Dear New Layar 3.0: You Got Me At Beatles

The new big feature of Layar 3.0 is 3D objects. But what I like most is the new point of interest story-telling and guided tours. Especially the Beatles Tour in London, which leads you through 42 locations in the city.

Augmented Reality App Tracks Where US Gov. Bailout Dollars Went

Layar has a new augmented reality app function for iPhone and Android that’s depressingly topical: It’ll let you see exactly where US bailout money went, via, which is pretty sweet since you sort of own all that stuff!

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