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US Court Says Uber's $31-Per-Driver Settlement Is Trash

A US federal judge has thrown out a $US100 million ($131 million) class-action settlement offered by Uber to its drivers, calling the proposal “not fair, adequate and reasonable”.

Co-Founder Hits Hyperloop One With Explosive Lawsuit Alleging Assault, Defamation

Hyperloop One, the much-publicised company formed with the goal of bringing the futuristic Hyperloop to fruition, has been hit by a whopper of a lawsuit from none other than co-founder and chief technology officer Brogan BamBrogan.

Apple And Spotify Are In A Legal Punch-Up

Apple is under fire after it allegedly blocked Spotify’s new iPhone app from being released in the App Store. According to a Recode report, Spotify’s general counsel sent a letter to Apple’s legal team claiming that Apple is “causing grave harm to Spotify and its customers” by not allowing the latest version of the app to reach iPhone users.

J.J. Abrams Kinda Made Up The News That The Star Trek Fan Film Lawsuit Was Ending 

Well. Now we might know why, despite director J.J. Abrams recently claiming that we’d hear about a settlement, CBS and Paramount’s lawsuit against Axanar Productions is still going on.

The Lawsuit Against A Star Trek Fan Film Isn't Going Away Just Yet

Even though it sounded like we may be getting close to ending the battle between the fan film Axanar and the studios that own Star Trek, the latest court action hints that it’s just starting.

Tinder Is Going To War Over Threesomes

You might remember 3nder, the oddly-named dating app for finding your very own three-person sexy time party. Well it seems that Tinder, a dating app with a similar name, is threatening to sue the company behind the app.

Paramount Is Being Sued For Not Having Enough Product Placement In Transformers 4

Congratulations to Paramount, which is finally in court on a $US27 million ($35.6 million) lawsuit for failing to actually place a product from a product placement deal. Yeah. On one side is Paramount, the studio behind the Transformers franchise, and on the other side is a Chinese business who paid them to put even more logos in the movie. Can neither side win?

Jawbone Vs Fitbit Is The Apple-Samsung War No-One Cares About

Apple’s patent wars with Samsung are the stage for a multi-billion dollar fight for cash, bragging rights, and ideally control of the entire smartphone industry. Jawbone vs Fitbit is equally vicious and petty, but with far less at stake.

Helpful CBS Lawyers Explain The Many, Many Ways A Star Trek Fan Film Is Ripping Them Off

You might have heard that CBS is suing to prevent the crowdfunded fan film Axanar from being completed. Now the channel is suing the filmmakers even harder. CBS’s lawyer have submitted 28 pages of documents detailing every possible thing that they claim Axanar infringed on, alleging basically every type of copyright infringement known to man.

Users Are Suing Fitbit Over Inaccurate Heart Monitors

Just days after its shares dropped a whopping 18 per cent, Fitbit just took another big hit. The wearables company has been slapped with a class-action lawsuit alleging that its heart rate monitoring technology is inaccurate, and that the company is knowingly misleading users.

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