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Frank Darabont Says AMC Owes Him $364 Million For The Walking Dead

The latest twist in the lawsuit against AMC by Frank Darabont, who brought them the show that had the highest premiere in the network’s history, is the amount of damages he’s seeking: $US280 million ($364.2 million).

Tesla Sued Because 'Insane Mode' Not Insane Enough

According to 126 Tesla customers, the Model S sedan P85D performance version can eat dirt, because its “insane mode” isn’t as insane as the company claims.

Smart Sex Toy Maker Sued For Sneakily Collecting 'Intimate' Data

When it comes to gadgets, few bonds are more sacred than the one shared by a sex toy and its user. Sadly, one Illinois woman claims her smartphone-connected vibrator betrayed that love, sending (extremely) personal data to Canadian dildo maker Standard Innovation.

Palantir Files Nasty Lawsuit Claiming Early Investor Stole Its Ideas 

Palantir Technologies, the Peter Thiel-founded company known for its air of mystery and beer pong-friendly culture, has filed a lawsuit against early investor Marc Abramowitz, claiming he stole company secrets for his own gain and deceived company executives.

Everyone Involved In This $2.3 Million Grumpy Cat Lawsuit Sucks Except For The Cat

The value of internet celebrity is hard to assess, but a new motion filed by the owners of the animal star known as Grumpy Cat seeks to do just that. In it, the holders of the “GRUMPY CAT” trademark have asked a court to triple a requested $US600,000 ($798,195) award over alleged copyright infringement of a goddamn cat.

US Court Says Uber's $31-Per-Driver Settlement Is Trash

A US federal judge has thrown out a $US100 million ($131 million) class-action settlement offered by Uber to its drivers, calling the proposal “not fair, adequate and reasonable”.

Co-Founder Hits Hyperloop One With Explosive Lawsuit Alleging Assault, Defamation

Hyperloop One, the much-publicised company formed with the goal of bringing the futuristic Hyperloop to fruition, has been hit by a whopper of a lawsuit from none other than co-founder and chief technology officer Brogan BamBrogan.

Apple And Spotify Are In A Legal Punch-Up

Apple is under fire after it allegedly blocked Spotify’s new iPhone app from being released in the App Store. According to a Recode report, Spotify’s general counsel sent a letter to Apple’s legal team claiming that Apple is “causing grave harm to Spotify and its customers” by not allowing the latest version of the app to reach iPhone users.

J.J. Abrams Kinda Made Up The News That The Star Trek Fan Film Lawsuit Was Ending 

Well. Now we might know why, despite director J.J. Abrams recently claiming that we’d hear about a settlement, CBS and Paramount’s lawsuit against Axanar Productions is still going on.

The Lawsuit Against A Star Trek Fan Film Isn't Going Away Just Yet

Even though it sounded like we may be getting close to ending the battle between the fan film Axanar and the studios that own Star Trek, the latest court action hints that it’s just starting.

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