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The Hyperloop Lawsuit Just Got Weirder

The Hyperloop One boys are at it again. This time, the company is reportedly countersuing its co-founder and chief technology office Brogan BamBrogan for $US250 million ($333 million), claiming that he and three others tried to stage a hostile takeover and conspired to start their own company.

Google Accused Of Stealing Project Loon Idea

Believe it or not, there really is more than one company using balloons to cover the world with Wi-Fi. Space Data Corp has sued Google, claiming that it stole the idea for Project Loon during a 2007 meeting.

Amazon Starts Suing Its Own Sellers Over Fake Reviews

In its escalating fight against fake product reviews, Amazon has for the first time started suing its own sellers instead of just going after other websites that promise to write five-star recommendations for cash. It’s another sign that the internet giant is increasingly serious about eliminating incentives for fake reviews that erode trust, even if it means targeting the third-party retailers that hawk their wares through Amazon’s platform and who, unlike the fake-review sites, are a source of revenue.

Can Facebook Store Your Facial Biometrics? Lawsuit Says No

It’s well-known that Facebook uses an algorithm that can recognise a person based on information in photographs. It’s a little creepy, sure, but is it illegal?

World's Angriest Kanye Fan Sues Over Being Tricked Into Using Tidal

So, the grand experiment that is Tidal continues to be a rousing success. A Kanye West fan is now suing the artist and the service for using what he alleges are deceptive marketing practices to trick people into using Tidal.

Former Employees Are Suing Sony Pictures For Not Protecting Their Data 

Sony’s ex-employees are suing the company for failing to secure its computer system and exposing their information.

Kogan Mobile Nabs Injunction Against ISPOne, Customers Safe From Booting

Kogan Mobile has scored an injunction against its Telstra network wholesaler, ISPOne, in the Victorian Supreme Court today. Translation? The wholesaler can’t suspend you for “overusing” on your “unlimited” plan right now.

Vodafone Class Action: Everything You Need To Know

Law firm Piper Alderman is back to fight for disgruntled Vodafone customers with a three-year old class action lawsuit that aims to take the telco for all its worth for alleged bad service in 2010-11. The law firm won’t be officially filing the suit for three months so that new claimants can come on board. Here’s how to get involved, along with everything you need to know.

Vodafone Is Finally Being Sued Over Bad Coverage, 23,000 People Registered Already [Updated]

At the height of Vodafone’s “Vodafail” controversy last year brought on by bad coverage, a shoddy network and about the same level of customer service, law firm Piper Alderman decided to get disgruntled customers to sign up to a class action against the telco. Today we got word that the class action is set to proceed.

Microsoft Is Being Sued Over The Space (Or Lack Thereof) On The Surface RT

So it’s a bit odd that the 32GB Surface actually only turns up with 16GB of space, because Windows RT takes up half of it, but suing Microsoft? Really? Why don’t you just stick an SD in there and call it a day? What’s wrong with you?

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