Report: Mt Gox Gives Up And Files For Liquidation

The failed bitcoin exchange Mt Gox has given up on its plan to rise from the ashes under bankruptcy protection. Instead, according to the Wall Street Journal, it has asked a Tokyo court for permission to be liquidated.

How Apple Decided It Wanted To Sue Samsung For $2.19 Billion

If you’ve ever wondered how companies like Apple settle on a figure for which to sue their competitors in the many and varied legal trials you hear about, you’re in luck. Court filings have revealed how Apple came to the $US2.19 billion sum it’s currently pursuing Samsung for.

Why The Future Of Bitcoin Depends On The Silk Road Trial

Over the weekend, Ross Ulbricht’s lawyer, Joshua Dratel, filed a motion asking the court to dismiss all charges against the Silk Road kingpin. It’s largely what you’d expect from a bullish defence attorney. But here’s the twist: Dratel throws bitcoin under the bus.

Australia's New Privacy Law Proposals May Kill Off Google Glass

Recording a private conversation without prior consent using a smartphone or wearable like Google Glass may become illegal, if recommendations from the Australian Law Reform Commission are accepted into state and federal law. A 230-page report from the ALRC was released this morning, and makes almost 50 suggestions for bringing Australian law up to date on personal privacy to eliminate “unlawful surveillance”.

US Judge: An IP Address Alone Doesn't Identify A Bit-Torrent Pirate

A judge in Florida has made an important ruling that will make it more difficult for copyright holders in the United States to successfully sue anyone they claim is a Bit-Torrent pirate.

Why Is The U.S. Patent Office So Bad At Fending Off Patent Trolls?

Many problems with the patent system — from the explosion in patent trolling to the wasteful smartphone wars — can be traced to the flood of software patents issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (PTO).

How International Human Rights Law Should Be Applied To NSA Spying

This past Monday, the Human Rights Committee commenced its 110th session in Geneva from 10-28 March. During this session, the Committee will review the reports of several countries on how they are implementing the provisions of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), an international human rights treaty and one of the bedrocks of human rights protections.

Why We Need To Take Terms And Conditions Way More Seriously

Every time you install a new app on your phone, you have to agree to some terms and conditions — which you do, blindly. But should we be taking those long passages of text more seriously?

Woman Ticketed For Wearing Google Glass While Driving Judged Innocent

Remember the woman who got a ticket for wearing Google Glass while driving? Well, her citation has been dismissed by a court commissioner, who said he found no proof the device was operating at the time.

Architect Sentenced To Year In Jail For Firefighter's Death

There have been plenty of civil cases against architects over the years, for all manner of negligence. But, today, an extremely rare criminal case was decided: An architect was sentenced to a year in LA county jail after pleading no contest to the manslaughter of a firefighter who died while trying to contain a fire in a home the architect had designed for himself.