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Taxi Owners Sue NYC Because Uber Is Ruining Their Business

There’s so many bullshit arguments thrown around surrounding Uber, it’s refreshing to hear the real reason that taxi drivers hate the company: it’s killing their revenue, and the value of medallions (or taxi licences).

US Judge Arrested For Trying To Bribe FBI Agent With Beer To Spy On People

A North Carolina judge was arrested this week for allegedly trying to bribe an FBI agent to obtain a log of text messages without a warrant.

Why Hollywood Protects Its Sign So Fiercely

Video: Trademark law can be a tricky thing, but people normally have a good idea when they’re illegally using a likeness. Wait, you do know that filming the Hollywood sign without permission can get you sued, right?

Google's EU Antitrust Defence: Search Is Free So Stop Complaining

Google says it shouldn’t be punished for allegedly abusing its search dominance in Europe because it provides a free service to users.

The New DMCA Rules Don't Go Far Enough

Decrypting copyrighted materials is, according to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, an illegal act. This week, the US Library of Congress issued a set of exemptions to the DMCA’s decryption ban, which many outlets, including Gizmodo, hailed as “victories” and “big wins.” They’re not. At best, the new rules allow people to do things they legally had the right to do all along.

The US Library Of Congress's New DRM Rules Are A Victory For Digital Freedom

Copyright law (and therefore DRM, the software companies can use to lock down their products) in the US is controlled by the Library of Congress. Every three years, the Librarian makes decisions on certain critical exemptions. This time around, it looks like they have got things right.

George Orwell's Estate Is Issuing Copyright Takedowns For The Number '1984'

George Orwell’s estate is watching you — at least if you try and use the number ‘1984’. In an ironic turn of events, the Orwell estate has recently issued a copyright takedown to prevent the use of the four digits without permission, reports Torrent Freak.

Catch 22 Déjà Vu: US Court Rejects NSA Spying Case For Lack Of Proof 

Imagine you know your neighbour is spying on you, and you sue them, but your case gets dismissed for lack of evidence. Then a few months later your creepo neighbour gets doxxed and his emails outline his elaborate plan for neighbour-stalking. You sue again. You’re gonna win, right?

Pandora Has To Stump Up $90M For Its Use Of Pre-1972 Songs

Earlier this year, the Record Industry Association of America began to pursue Pandora on behalf of record labels to seek royalties for the use of tracks recorded before 1972. Now, it’s reached a settlement that will see Pandora stump up $US90 million for using the songs.

Apple Reminds Us It Can't Hand Your iPhone Data To The Cops

Ever since iOS 8, Apple has been reminding law enforcement that it can’t pull data off locked iPhones. In a subtly sassy brief filed for a federal judge, Apple has reminded everyone that it can’t (and won’t) break users’ encryption if the government asks it to.

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