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Apple Lets You Get Stalky With Google Latitude-esque Patent

While it was initially suggested that Google Latitude was rejected from the app store to keep iPhone users from confusing it with Maps, this new patent shows that Apple might be working on their own friend- and ex-girlfriend-tracking app.

Google Latitude Gets Creepy With Location History And Alerts

Google already knows too much about me, yet Google Latitude’s Location History and Location Alerts features are still creepy. But they’re useful, because together they learn your usual hangouts and know when you don’t need notifications of who’s nearby.

Dell Latitude XT2 XFR: The First Multitouch Convertible Tablet PC

The Latitude XT2 XFR is a ruggedised version of Dell’s XT2 tablet built to MIL-810G standards for taking an ass-beating: It’s got an impact resistant, sunlight-viewable 12-inch multitouch LED-backlit display, compression sealed orifices, and works in temperatures from -23C to 60C.

Playnice Will Make Your iPhone Auto-Update Google Latitude Via MobileMe

Apple thwarted Google’s effort to release Latitude—which allows your control-freak friends to know where you are at all times—as an iPhone application. You can only update it manually using a web page, which makes it not-so-useful. Until now.

Apple's Chickenshit Approval Process Has Gone Too Far

The App Store approval process has always been mysterious, slightly ridiculous and mildly infuriating. But with the summary execution of Google Latitude as well as every Google Voice app, it’s finally gone too far.

Google Latitude For IPhone Is A Lame Web App Because Apple Thinks We're Easily Confused

Google’s finally released their Latitude location service for iPhone—unfortunately, it’s a lame web app. Originally, it was a real application. But Apple thought we would all be horribly confused.

Google Offers Updated Maps Features Through Android Market

Google updated their integral Maps Android app with some pretty sweet new features, including voice search, public transit and walking directions, and a beefed-up Latitude. It’s great to see them pushing updates as they’re ready, without waiting for carriers. [Google]

Dell Latitude 2100 Netbook for the Childrens Is Crayola Rugged

I liked everything about Dell’s Latitude 2100 netbook—I think it’s designed pretty smartly for its target K-12 audience—except for the price. It’s $US370, which is a bit high for an education netbook, no?

It's Become Really Dumb to Steal Mobile Phones

The days of stealing mobile phones are almost over: Stealing a homing beacon is pretty stupid, even for dumb criminals. A woman had her purse snatched—but had Google’s Latitude location service running on her mobile phone inside.

Google Reaffirms Latitude For iPhone

Google just reaffirmed that they’re going to be releasing the friend-tracking Latitude app for the iPhone just a few minutes ago. It’s most likely going to be after the 3.0 firmware update is release, but Google also said “soon”. Is summer soon?

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