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Google Is Killing Latitude

If you’ve ever needed to track down your Android-wielding friends on a night out, you’ll be disappointed by this news: Google is playing the role of product serial killer once again, this time claiming Latitude as its latest victim.

Google Targets Foursquare With Latitude Leaderboards

Google is rolling out the ability to gain points when you check into Google Latitude, meaning you can be ranked on a global leaderboard. Yes, Latitude Leaderboard sounds very similar to Foursquare.

Google Maps For Android Adds Location History

Android: Google Maps rolled out some new features for its location-tracking Latitude app today, letting you view summaries of where you go and spend most of your time. It’s pretty cool — so cool, they make us actually want to use Latitude.

Google Latitude For iOS Gets Check-Ins

With Android users already being able to check-in with Latitude, Google just updated their Latitude iOS app to include check-ins there too. Similar to Foursquare, it lets you become a Regular, VIP or Guru the more times you visit a place. [Google Mobile Blog]

Unlock Deals By Checking Into Places On Google Latitude

“Foursquare who?” asks Google, as they roll out 60 check-in offers in Austin, Texas, to coincide with the SXSW nerdfest. All users have to do is check into the business, say a cafe, and see if they’re offering any special deals.

Google Latitude: Now One More Place To Check In

Google Latitude has been around for a couple of years now, but today it’s finally fulfilled its destiny as yet another place you can check in online. You know, after you’ve already hit up Foursquare and Facebook.

You Can Download The Free Google Latitude iPhone App Now!

After briefly appearing in Japan’s App Store, Google’s Latitude app is now in your App Store – and this time, it doesn’t look like an accident. Stalk friends! Be stalked! It’s free! [iTunes via RedmondPie]

Hey, Did You Know There's A Google Latitude iPhone App Now?

Initially, there was fear that a Latitude app would be confusing to people who use Google Maps. Not for the Japanese, however, who had a brief taste of the app before it got pulled. Can we expect one soon? [TechCrunch]

Google Maps For Android Ensures You Never Miss A Train Again

It was already a joy to use, but Google’s update of Google Maps for Android (version 4.3) squeezes in transit info, restaurant/services reviews and a nice tie-in with Latitude, where Google contacts can be contacted easily.

Google Latitude's History Dashboard Just Got A Bit Smarter And Creepier

Despite the fact that it’s opt-in and has decent privacy settings, I find Google Latitude’s location history dashboard a bit creepy. It now gives step-by-step views of where I’ve been and even knows how many total miles I’ve travelled.

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