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Just How Safe Is Laser Eye Surgery?

The offers began arriving by email in January: a chance at clearer vision for the special price of US$299 per eye. Over the next four months, I received 20 ads from the same company — each offering the same deal for the “safe, FDA approved” surgery.

Scientists Have Built The World's Shortest Wavelength Laser

A team of Japanese scientists has developed a new laser which has the shortest wavelengths ever recorded. The advance could help see microscopic objects like molecules with more clarity than ever.

Boeing's New Compact Laser Cannon Is Designed To Shoot Down Drones

Boeing announced this week that it has successfully developed a new compact laser weapon system. And watch your back drones — because this one has been made with you in mind.

Scientists Finally Created A White Laser -- And It Could Light Your Home

Lasers have been advancing science and threatening move characters since the 1960s, but you may have noticed they always have a distinct colour. Now, a team of scientists has developed the world’s first white laser.

The World's Most Powerful Laser Has Been Fired In Japan

Take cover: scientists from Osaka University have begun using the world’s most powerful laser, that pumps out 2 quadrillion watts. That’s 2,000,000,000,000,000 watts.

Scientists Can Turn Human Cells Into Working Lasers

How about this for a bright idea: A team of researchers from Harvard Medical School has developed three different ways to turn individual cells into functioning lasers that emit light when they’re excited.

There Are Some Crazy Plans For How To Shoot Down A Drone

The increasing popularity of hobby drones poses myriad challenges to the skies, but as the Wall Street Journal reports, they have given rise to one that’s more surprising than any other: How do you take a drone down when you need to?

Boeing Dreams Of An Engine Powered By Lasers And Nuclear Explosions

Since we seem to be on the topic of fantastical power sources today, it’s my solemn duty to inform you that respected aeroplane manufacturer Boeing has aspirations to build a jet engine powered by lasers and nuclear explosions.

Can A Laser-Etched Tortilla Actually Play Music Like A Vinyl Record?

One of those jokester Vines had previously made a six-second funny on a tortilla playing music, but Rhapsody Records wanted to see if it was actually feasible. Supposedly it is! They took an uncooked flour tortilla and then laser etched the deliciousness into something that can hold music.

This Is The First Video To Be Projected Onto Clouds From An Aeroplane

This video isn’t in 4K. Or 3D. It isn’t even in full colour. But that doesn’t matter, because it’s the first video to be projected from an aeroplane onto the clouds outside.

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