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How A Laser Beam Cooks Bacon

Video: When you use a laser to cook bacon, you might not get the same invigorating, impossible to resist smell you do when you fry it but you do score some awesome points for using a freaking laser to cook bacon. Munchies went to Japan to see how laser cooking a bacon strip is done: it requires laser cutting tech and detailed mapping to cook the strip of bacon exactly the way you want it. Program the machine to point the beam where you want and pew pew bacon.

A Laser Has Been Used To Chill Water For The First Time Ever 

Point a laser at someone’s skin and they will react in fear, assuming it’s going to burn. But researchers at the University of Washington have come up with a way to make a laser that cools, instead, successfully lowering the temperature of water by about 2C.

The US Military Used Lasers To Shoot Down A Drone In 1973

Lasers are the future of warfare. So it might come as a surprise to many Americans that the US military first used a laser to shoot a drone out of the sky as early as 1973.

These Mineral Veins Trace The Flow Of Water On Ancient Mars

The mineral veins that crisscross through the rock around this ridge tell an important story about Mars’ ancient past. So of course the Curiosity rover shot them with a laser.

How Many Laser Pointers Would It Take To Kill A Human?

Everybody knows not to shine laser pointers in your eye. They could damage your vision! (Emphasis on could, since your eye’s blink reflex would probably protect your retina.) But what if you were an evil villain determined to make a death ray? How many laser pointers would it take to create a deadly weapon?

SLAC's Upgraded 200-Terawatt Laser Creates Pressures Of 2 Trillion PSI

Scientists at SLAC decided it was time to upgrade some of their kit, and the result is the laboratory’s most powerful laser system ever. The device will create temperatures up to millions of degrees and pressures approaching two trillion pounds per square inch.

Just How Safe Is Laser Eye Surgery?

The offers began arriving by email in January: a chance at clearer vision for the special price of US$299 per eye. Over the next four months, I received 20 ads from the same company — each offering the same deal for the “safe, FDA approved” surgery.

Scientists Have Built The World's Shortest Wavelength Laser

A team of Japanese scientists has developed a new laser which has the shortest wavelengths ever recorded. The advance could help see microscopic objects like molecules with more clarity than ever.

Boeing's New Compact Laser Cannon Is Designed To Shoot Down Drones

Boeing announced this week that it has successfully developed a new compact laser weapon system. And watch your back drones — because this one has been made with you in mind.

Scientists Finally Created A White Laser -- And It Could Light Your Home

Lasers have been advancing science and threatening move characters since the 1960s, but you may have noticed they always have a distinct colour. Now, a team of scientists has developed the world’s first white laser.

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