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The Photography At CERN Is Helping Solve The Mysteries Of The Universe

Everyone’s favourite mega-machine, the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, is meant to help humans some of the most basic questions about the nature of our world. How it goes about this is — in a word — complex. But part of it involves a bit of good old-fashioned (kind of) photography.

What It Takes To Build The Largest Particle Collider Ever Made

The Large Hadron Collider is an enormous feat of engineering: A 27.36km tunnel packed with fragile scientific instruments that took 25 years to imagine and 10 to construct. But now, scientists at CERN have chosen an engineering firm to build its successor — a collider that will be triple the size of the LHC.

Science Wants A Large Hadron Collider That's Over Three Times As Big

The Large Hadron Collider certainly lives up to its name: the underground behemoth is nearly 27km in circumference. Oh, and it also helped scientists discover the Higgs Boson, no big deal. But those crazy scientists always want more, which is why CERN, the particle physics group behind LHC, wants to build it a big brother that’s over three times the LHC’s circumference.

What Happens When You Stick Your Head Into A Particle Accelerator

Today I found out what happens when you stick your head into a particle accelerator. Exhibit A: Anatoli Petrovich Bugorski, a Russian scientist who has the distinction of being the only person to ever stick his head in a running particle accelerator. Shockingly, he also managed to survive the ordeal and, all things considered, came out without too much damage.

Monster Machines: Quadpole Super Magnets Will Increase The LHC's Power Tenfold

Just because Cern researchers discovered the Higgs Boson particle last year doesn’t mean it’s time to close up shop on the biggest scientific instrument humanity ever created. Instead, the scientific community has plans to upgrade and retrofit the Large Hadron Collider with bigger, better, and more powerful systems over the next decade — like the US LHC Accelerator Program’s (LARP) new interaction region quadrupole magnets (IRQM) that will help tease every last one of the Higgs-Boson’s secrets.

Particle Accelerators 101: If Only Every University Course Was Animated

Are you still scratching your head over what a particle accelerator like the Large Hadron Collider actually does? Don’t feel bad, the LHC is the most complicated piece of scientific equipment mankind has ever built. And unless you’re a physicist, you’ll probably never understand its intricacies.

The Large Hadron Collider Just Started On A Two-Year Vacation

The Large Hadron Collider has been pretty busy lately, probably discovering the Higgs Boson, and definitely not destroying the world and whatnot. It’s probably earned a little time off, right? You bet it has, which is why it’s going down for a two-year nap.

'The World Wide Web Is A Child Of The Hunt For The Higgs Boson'

When the discovery of the Higgs Boson was announced earlier this year, there’s no denying it was exciting news. Well, more so for scientists with the ability to put the find into context. For the average person? It’s a bit harder to understand. The find won’t be changing our daily lives any time soon… or indeed ever. But the journey to discovering the Higgs Boson? That’s reaped a few rewards, as CERN’s Troels Petersen explains in this TEDxCopenhagen talk.

Particle Soup From The Large Hardron Collider Is The Hottest Thing Mankind Has Ever Made

Scientists at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider say they just temporarily created the hottest man-made temperature by colliding two lead ions.

Overwhelming Complexity: An Interactive Panorama Of The Large Hadron Collider

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) has “large” in its name for a reason. Yet, “large” just doesn’t seem sufficient enough once you’ve finished delving into this amazing panorama featuring a section of the machine, put together by photographer Peter McCready. Maybe the scientists at CERN are giving themselves some lexical breathing room for the next model up?

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