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2 In 1 Devices Explained: Part Laptop, Part Tablet

Gizmodo Video Guide: Not quite a tablet yet not entirely a laptop — the 2 in 1 is a hybrid with the functionality of both devices. Let’s take a look at the unique capabilities of these devices with support for a variety of different uses.

The Next Wave: All The Best Gadgets, Phones And PCs From IFA

Last week’s IFA conference in Berlin produced a veritable smorgasbord that we’ll see hit stores over the next few months. Here’s everything you’ll want to check out!

Lenovo's Surface Pro Alternative Looks Like One Sweet Tablet

The new Lenovo Miix 700 is pretty much a straight-up clone of the Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3. Same size, same weight, same idea. I don’t care. The Surface was pretty great — minus a bunch of annoying flaws — and I can’t wait for someone to perfect it.

A Supercapacitor Stylus Is The Best Thing About Lenovo's New Laptops

Lenovo has announced a couple new Thinkpad Yoga convertible laptops at IFA. Mostly, they have got the kind of upgrades you’d expect: thinner, faster, lighter. But as it happens, the most exciting thing is the decades-old tech powering the Yoga’s new Wacom stylus.

The Best Cheap Mini Laptop Just Got Some Competition

If you’re looking for a cheap, no-frills laptop to carry everywhere, the HP Stream 11 is the one we’d recommend. But soon there may be an alternative pick: the Lenovo IdeaPad 100S.

A 4K Screen On A Convertible Laptop Is Wonderful, Beautiful Overkill

Toshiba is not a company normally known for pushing the bounds of laptop innovation and design. But change is afoot — first, with a surprisingly good full HD Chromebook, then a cheap-and-quite-cheerful Windows convertible, and now a fantastically bonkers 12.5-inch convertible laptop with a 4K Ultra HD display.

These Two Computers Get Better When You Dock Them

Acer is serious about external graphics — the idea that you can plug a graphics card into a relatively weak computer and make it more powerful whenever you need. How serious? The company will sell two computers with external graphics in mind, starting this year.

Vaio Is Coming Back With A Powerful, Premium Laptop

There’s no word on Australia yet, but new Vaio computers will be hitting United States shores — some 18 months after Sony sold off the venerable and unprofitable brand. The Wall Street Journal reports that the new, free-standing company will begin selling pricey machines at Microsoft stores this fall.

Dell's New 13-Inch Chromebook Is Like A Pixel You Can Actually Afford

When Google introduced Chromebooks in 2011, its “always in the cloud” philosophy made these machines seem like starter kits for the lite laptop user. But Google’s incredible Pixel line upped the game. Now Dell’s followed that top-of-the-line thinking to make a powerful Chromebook you can actually afford.

Surfing The Internet With A Laptop From 1983 Sounds Nightmarish

You think that monstrous hand-me-down Dell laptop you used in college was old? Kyocera’s TRS-80 Model 100 dates all the way back to 1983. It’s considered to be one of the first true laptops. So obviously someone resurrected and hacked one to surf the internet.

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