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Acer's New Predator Laptops And Desktop PCs Are Ready For VR

A ‘Nvidia GeForce VR Ready’ sticker is the crowning feature of Acer’s new Predator gaming laptop and desktop range, announced overnight with certified support for VR headsets including the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. The two new machines are the most powerful that Acer has ever built, but are surprisingly compact for their high-end specs.

4 Ways To Help Your Laptop Enjoy A Longer Life

If you’re shelling out hard-earned cash on a laptop, then you want to make sure you get years of service out of it. Some wear and tear (both physical and digital) is inevitable along the way, but if you take good care of your machine you can keep it running smoothly for longer — just like a well-maintained car or bicycle.

Why Did No-One Tell Me About HP's New Incredibly Thin Spectre Laptop

Video: I’ve been looking for a new thin, powerful, USB Type-C-powered laptop for quite a while now, but I seem to have missed HP’s early-April announcement of the new Spectre: a 13-inch laptop that’s barely over 10 millimetres thick, but that still has Intel’s excellent Core i5 and Core i7 processors inside. This laptop looks beautiful, and it wants to dethrone Apple’s MacBook as the high-flying business exec’s super-luxury gadget of choice.

Gigabyte's P37X Quick Review: A Simple, Super-Powerful 17-Inch Gaming Laptop For Work And Play

The ideal notebook is a machine that can run double duty — it needs to handle the dreary everyday office work like typing and basic productivity tasks, but then after work it can be used for some friendly inter-office Counter-Strike, or lugged home for a marathon session of Star Citizen or The Division.

Gigabyte’s newest P37X laptop looks like the kind of machine that you’d use in an office job, but under the hood it has the grunt to play the latest PC titles at smooth frame rates.

MSI's GT72s Tobii Eye-Tracking Laptop: The Future, But Not The Present

Eye tracking feels like the future. Your eyes rove across the screen seeking out more asteroids to blast. The reticule traces the same path in fits and spurts: flickering with every blink. Asteroids explode and the score floats through your peripheral vision. It’s a simple game you play after calibrating the system, but this is a tiny leap towards that world we here at Gizmodo wax wistfully about. Too bad it’s stuck in a $4200 laptop.

Huawei Matebook: Hands On With This 12-Inch Windows Tablet

Huawei is known for making phones. Some of them are pretty good. Now, it’s also making convertible tablets too, with a detachable slimline keyboard and Windows 10. The result is the new Huawei Matebook, a device with a striking similarity to the Microsoft Surface but packed with a couple of quirks that make it unique.

Hands On: The New Crazy Thin EliteBook Folio: HP's Answer To The MacBook

The EliteBook Folio is thin. Super thin. Apple MacBook thin. And light. When you’re working all day in places other than your office, that can be really convenient, as long as it doesn’t get in the way of actually getting that work done. Despite sharing the same Core M processor line with the MacBook, the new HP EliteBook Folio packs a lot more power, including a double complement of USB Type-C.

Gigabyte's Latest Laptop Comes With 4K/60Hz Output, DDR4 + USB 3.1 Type-C

The Consumer Electronics Show always provides a nice kickstart to the year when it comes to new technology, and true to form Gigabyte has come to the table with their latest line of gaming laptops.

The whole line has been refreshed with Intel’s Skylake processors, but there are some other cool bells and whistles with their P57 gaming laptop that are worth paying attention to.

The Thinnest, Lightest Lenovo Yoga Laptop Includes Performance Trade-Offs

The design of Lenovo’s convertible Yoga laptops has stayed more or less the same since convertible laptops first became a thing, but the company has been tweaking and changing to try and find the ultimate form of what’s meant to be the ultimate portable computer. The Yoga 900S is the thinnest and lightest yet.

Yoga 900: Meet Lenovo's 13.3-Inch Successor To The Yoga 3 Pro 2 In 1

Crafting the perfect lap-friendly computing companion is a delicate balance between weight and performance. Add powerful processors, expect hefty returns. If lightweight is what you want, packing in the best processors, along with cooling systems, can be a challenge. For the new Yoga 900 Series, Lenovo decided to rethink the formula.

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