Microsoft's First Windows 8 Ad Comes With Sneak Peeks At New Windows Hardware

Windows 8 is weeks away, and to hype us up to fever pitch, Microsoft has released the first ad for the new operating system, filled with random imagery and brief sneak peeks.

Toshiba Laptops: Shiny But Deadly?

There’s a word for this story, and that word is “ouch”. A New Zealander is seeking compensation from Toshiba after a spike of metal flew out of his laptop and impaled his hand.

HP's Phoenix Desktop: Hot Stuff?

HP’s launched a new range of consumer-centric laptops and desktops, including the glow-in-the-dark phoenix, touch screen all-in-ones and ultraportable models.

That Stolen Laptop Might Be Intercepting Your Sex Chat

Laptop recovery software can help you recover stolen goods, but one laptop recovery firm may have stepped (or perhaps stomped) over a privacy line when its agents intercepted images from an explicit webcam session between the holder of a stolen laptop and her boyfriend.

Here's A Smart Cover Stand For Your Laptop

If you’re hooked on Apple’s Smart Cover design and you’ve wished you could somehow mimic its propping functionality on your laptop, AViiQ’s Portable Quick Stand might work for you.

Stuff You Already Knew: Mobile Users Are Getting Ruder

A recent Intel survey of 2000 people has found that more than 75% of people believe poor mobile phone etiquette is contributing to the surge in less than polite behaviours. Potentially more worrisome is that 90% of people said they witnessed poor mobile behaviour such as texting while driving. Idiots….

Perform The Kama Sutra With Your Laptop

To be honest, I’ve been thinking of spicing up my relationship with my laptop for a while. I was thinking more RAM or a SSD would do the trick but maybe I’ll learn some of these Kama Sutra positions instead.

Five Things To Do With Your Old Laptop

We get it, your new laptop is shiny, super-fast and awesome. But don’t forget about your old laptop! It doesn’t have to sit around and collect dust. Here are five super easy things you can do to rejuvenate it.

Lenovo Y470 And Y570: The Fastest-Booting Windows PCs In The Land

Lenovo’s Y470 and Y570 have a lot in common with the other second-generation Intel Core PCs storming CES. But not if you’re in a hurry. Then the only thing you’ll notice is that they boot in under 10 seconds.

ThinkPad Edge E220s And E420s: Hot New Guts And Accents To Match

What started as an unsure experiment has blossomed into a solid lineup of tweener PCs. There are four ThinkPad Edges now, each packing second-generation Intel Core processors. And the E220s and E420s might actually make you forget they’re business machines.