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Mujjo's Felt And Leather Cases Are The Most Beautiful Of All Cases

You want to protect your MacBook Air, but you want to protect it in a way that’s worthy of its beauty. Mujjo has a new leather and felt sleeve that is just as lovely as your 13-inch laptop.

MacBook Pro Case Is Arguably Cooler Than The MacBook Pro Itself

Seems like everyone carries the same blah monotone laptop case. But you? You like to stand out, which you can totally do with this awesome, whimsical 13-inch MacBook Pro sleeve.

Timbuk2's Crater Case Lets Your MacBook Air Breathe

It looks like something between the Nickelodeon Astro Crag and a piece of swiss cheese, but Timbuk2’s latest sleeve has a lot of thought behind it. The casing is meant to ventilate your laptop — just watch for rain.

Can You Appreciate The Dandyful Lederhosen MacBook Sleeve?

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that I need to shut up as you let the wonderful of the world’s first lederhosen MacBook sleeve wash over you. Sure, fine, getting out of your way.

Completely Negate The Thinness Of Your iPad Or Macbook With These Bamboo Cases

Well done! You bought a Blackbox case, crafted from bamboo, for your Apple device and now you’re eco-friendly and green, and sustainable and so on and so forth. But now your Apple whatever is also wonderfully bulky.

Hide Your MacBook Air Inside A Leather-Bound Book

The BookBook for the MacBook Air – like the MacBook version before it – is a beautiful leather-bound, hand-distressed hardcover case for your laptop. You’ll feel like you’re carrying a book again.

Pizza Boxes Probably More Attractive To Thieves Than Laptop Bags

People – boring people! – suggest carrying your laptop in a scuffed duffle bag, because laptop bags are so obviously full of goodies worth nicking. To a hungry thief, a pizza box carried under-arm would prove even more tantalising.

Show Your Green Credentials Off With A Bamboo Laptop Briefcase

Ignoring for a second just how heavy and cumbersome this bamboo MacBook case would be (not to mention you can’t squeeze a power cable or your sandwich in there), these SILVA Limited cases are simply stunning.

North Face Makes Laptop Backpack You Won't Be Embarrassed To Use

As an unapologetic North Face fanboy and user of a few Apple products, I just spent the a considerable amount of time coveting this backpack, which has padded compartments galore to store MacBooks, iPads and every other item in between.

This Laptop Case Is Going Through An Identity Crisis

It seems like this case is content with protecting your laptop. But the second you remove your laptop, it freaks out and wants to be a chair. Or maybe a desk. It may be confused, but at least it’s functional.

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