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Timbuk2 Power Commute Review: Keep Your Gadgets Juiced On The Go

Your gadgets just beast through their battery life. That can be a real pain if you’re on a flight, or just generally out and about. But at least in the span of about a day, you don’t have to worry about it thanks to Timbuk2’s Power Commute messenger bag.

An Already Perfect Filson Briefcase Gets Better With Tweed

Filson bags are pretty awesome and durable. So how do you make them even more desirable? Slap some bits of Harris Tweedfor a little extra style, of course.

Incase's Pathway Bag Will Let You Lug Your Laptop With Style

Laptop bags all used to look the same — black, boring and an unremarkable sight. Carrying something that didn’t fit this description would have been a flamboyant fashion statement a few years ago, but nowadays it’s rare to look twice. Incase’s new Pathway collection has a design that is sure to please everyone who falls between the two extremes.

The Best Laptop Bag

You spent hundreds of dollars on your laptop. You’re not going to toss that thing around like a Frisbee. The right bag should keep that precious piece of metal and chips safe, but it should also make the machine mobile. That means portability, comfort and style. After two weeks hauling four different bags, we’ve found one that’s great to look at and easy to lug.

This Bag Uses Medieval Technology To Protect Your Laptop From Thieves

You might think you’re fooling thieves by choosing a colourful laptop bag that doesn’t look the part, but the added weight makes it really obvious you’re carrying precious cargo. So the React Messenger Bag from Travelon adds several layers of extra security, including the use of medieval chainmail.

Daily Desired: This Laptop Bag Will Bring You Back To Nature

Lugging all the sweet gear that makes life more convenient around the city becomes the source of its own headaches. Your bag is heavy, uncomfortable and hideous. This new Incase bag should help with the last bit at least.

No Longer Shall Bloggers Sit Cross-Legged In The Field

Thanko’s laptop bag/desk hybrid should be very popular with photographers and bloggers. Not only does the bag come with extendible legs, but two fans are located inside for cooling laptops down – plus a cupholder’s added too, for good measure.

Booq's Cobra Laptop, iPad Bags For Today's Professionals

Keeping with the snake theme, Booq’s new Cobra range of four gadget-friendly bags are (mostly) affordable, but actually look really nice. My favourite is the Courier XS satchel – large enough for an iPad and the rest of your junk.

How To Improvise A Laptop Carrying Bag

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In case of emergency, you just need a hoodie and to follow these easy steps.

Timbuk2's Hemlock And Q Backpacks Have Swing Around Easy Access To Your Laptop

I haven’t carried a Boy Scout backpack in years, but the laptop feature in Timbuk2’s latest sounds great: The sleeve is sideloading, meaning you can pull out your laptop without busting open your whole bag and spilling crap everywhere.

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