How The Colours Got Their Names

Dating back centuries, the names of our everyday colours have origins in the earliest known languages. As different societies developed names for colours, across the globe, isolated cultures went about naming the colours, but they all generally did it in the same order.

What Words Were Invented The Year You Were Born?

As far as humans are concerned, the world didn’t exist until, well, they existed. That means anything that happened before you were born is mere fairy tales and make believe conversation. But what about those words that filled those tales and conversations? When did they start existing? When were those words born? Well, the Oxford English Dictionaries is here to tell you what words were born the year you were born.

Dear Samsung: A 'Fonblet' Is Not A Thing

During its Analyst Day today in Seoul, South Korea, Samsung has been trying to coin a new term. Brace yourselves, because if you thought ‘phablet’ was bad, then the ‘fonblet’ is something else entirely.

How Google Has Turned Language Translation Into A Maths Problem

Language translation is a notoriously difficult task for humans, let alone computers. But in trying to solve that problem Google has stumbled across a clever trick, that involves treating them like maps — and it really, really works.

Language Nerds Try Using Space Images To Make Latin Cool Again

A group of volunteers is attempting to bring the language of Latin back to the masses, by offering translated captions of NASA’s photos of Mars in the wording favoured by historians, posh people and the Pope. Apparently some debate has been had as to the exact form of the old language to use, with Latin nerds having to decide whether to use the more classical hardcore or accessible and simplified version of the language.

Selfie, Derp And Phablet Are Now Words In The Oxford Dictionaries Online

Because language doesn’t really matter anymore to the internet, words that people use online all the time even though people are often too embarrassed to say it in real life are now a part of the dictionary. The Oxford Dictionaries Online is adding these wonky words to its dictionary: twerk, phablet, derp, selfie, bitcoin and vom.

More Popular Idioms Translated To Make Sense With Today's Technology

When’s the last time you put all your eggs in one basket? Probably never. But! When’s the last time you put all your data in one hard drive? Probably right now (you gotta learn better backup habits). And though we know that practice makes perfect and that patience is a virtue, what actually applies to real life is that Photoshop makes perfect and waiting for a page to load is a virtue.

Google+ Adds 'Translate' Button On Public Posts And Comments

The desktop-only (for now) addition will be rolling out gradually, and it’s controllable through language preferences. [Ed Chi via Engadget]

Google's Definition Of Literally Literally Isn't Literal

Grammar-loving folks should pick up their red pens, furrowed brows and pitchforks at the fact that the definition of literally is literally no longer the literal definition of literally. The trolls who say “literally” when they’re being completely non-literal and say it as an exaggeration or emphasising something have won.

The English Language Is Pretty Crappy When You Think About It

They say that the hardest language to learn is English, what with all its crazy silent letters, weird tenses and other strange rules. There’s no denying it: the English language is just a little bit rubbish as The Fresh Gentlemen explain.

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