More Popular Idioms Translated To Make Sense With Today's Technology

When’s the last time you put all your eggs in one basket? Probably never. But! When’s the last time you put all your data in one hard drive? Probably right now (you gotta learn better backup habits). And though we know that practice makes perfect and that patience is a virtue, what actually applies to real life is that Photoshop makes perfect and waiting for a page to load is a virtue.

Google+ Adds 'Translate' Button On Public Posts And Comments

The desktop-only (for now) addition will be rolling out gradually, and it’s controllable through language preferences. [Ed Chi via Engadget]

Google's Definition Of Literally Literally Isn't Literal

Grammar-loving folks should pick up their red pens, furrowed brows and pitchforks at the fact that the definition of literally is literally no longer the literal definition of literally. The trolls who say “literally” when they’re being completely non-literal and say it as an exaggeration or emphasising something have won.

The English Language Is Pretty Crappy When You Think About It

They say that the hardest language to learn is English, what with all its crazy silent letters, weird tenses and other strange rules. There’s no denying it: the English language is just a little bit rubbish as The Fresh Gentlemen explain.

Autogrammar Is About To Make Autocorrect A Lot More Naggy

Are you a lazy texter? Do you have fat fingers? Did you sleep through all of your English classes? Well, none of that matters any more with the imminent release of new software that not only autocorrects your misspelled words but also fixes your grammar mistakes.

The Longest Words In Different Languages Are So Fun To Say

Though we know the real longest word in English takes three and a half hours to pronounce, more reasonable ones can be done in less than five million breaths. Like these ones!

How Many Of These 79 Words Can You Actually Pronounce?

I make an arse out of myself at least twice a month from butchering the pronunciation of a word. It’s always embarrassing! There’s only two things you can do when you have no idea how to say something, either quietly whisper but quickly gloss over the word so no one hears you or say it with such complete confidence that you confuse the hell out of people who really do know how it’s pronounced.

Popular Idioms Translated To Actually Make Sense Today

When we tell the future children of the world that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, they’ll stare at their iPad and wonder what the hell a book is. Does that old fart mean an app? When we tell them to scratch our back and we’ll scratch theirs, they’ll wonder why are we even talking to each other in IRL. And when we say close, but no cigar… well, actually even I have no idea why that ever made sense.

Is It Math Or Maths?

I work for an American publisher, but I am a British writer. That naturally causes occasional tensions, especially when it comes to spelling. And the biggest issue? Math or maths.

How Americans Speak Differently In Various Regions, Visualised

As you probably know from the media, Americans don’t all have the same accent. You knew this, but you’ve never seen the regional dialects of the United States dissected quite like this.