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Where Do The Days Of The Week Get Their Names From?

Video: Where did the names for the days of the week come from? It came from the planets! Saturday is Saturn Day. Sunday is Sun Day. Monday is Moon Day. Tuesday is Mars Day. Wednesday is Woden’s Day (Mercury was his messenger). Thursday is Thor’s Day (Jupiter Day). Friday is Venus Day. Watch as Arika Okrent explains how the planets got translated into the names of the days we know now.


Language evolves at break neck speed on the internet; what’s cool one minute is lame by the next. Case in point: “LOL” is dying. A Facebook report claims that LOL is now one of the least popular ways to express laughter on the social network. Why? Probably because of mum.

Watson Can Now Identify The Attitude In Your Writing

Taking a break from treating cancer and making cocktails, IBM’s Watson is now turning its attention to how people write. The supercomputer has been trained to judge the tone in people’s written messages — and can even give feedback about how to change it.

Have All Your Avos In A Row? Or How To Speak Aussie English

English in Australia has diverged somewhat from its roots, but not so much that we’re completely unintelligible to others who might speak their own variety of the language. Being immersed in the stuff, it can be hard to truly appreciate its quirks, until someone highlights them for you.

How People Swear Across The US, Mapped

Everyone enjoys a good swear from time to time, whether it’s a polite “gosh” or an abrasive “fuck”. These maps shows the preference for different swear words across the United States.

Where Did The Word OK Come From And What Does It Actually Mean?

We say it almost everyday. When friends text to meet at 7. OK. When your boss hands you an assignment. OK. When you need to pay the bill. OK. And so on. But where did that term come from? What did it first mean? This interesting word breakdown from Arika Okrent dives into the real origin of OK and reveals how it’s similar to the OMG and LOL of today.

Video Explains The Origin And Evolution Of The Word 'Dude'

What do you think of when you hear the word dude? The Big Lebowski? Surfers? Maybe even just one of your friends. Or maybe it’s yourself! But do you ever think about a man in a top hat wearing skinny pants pretending to be an Englishman from 1883? That’s how the term dude was first used.

Why Google Translate Will (Probably) Always Suck

If it seems like Google Translate and Skype Translator have solved the language barrier, you’d be right, in the same sense that smoke signals solved long-distance communication. Machine translation much difficult still translate long way go to, as YouTuber Tom Scott explains.

US Supreme Court: Online Threats Aren't A Crime Unless You Really Meant It

In a closely watched decision that weighs the protection of free speech against protecting people from online abuse, the United States Supreme Court today ruled in favour of people being scary dicks on the internet.

Emojis Are Becoming The Dominant Language Of Instagram

There’s no question emojis have become wildly popular. But on Instagram, the familiar happy faces, hearts and kissing lips are more than just a cute shorthand. They’re on their way to becoming the dominant, universal form of communication.

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