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This Beautiful Patchwork US Celebrates Landsat 8's First Year In Space

A year ago, Landsat 8 rocketed into space. Since then it’s been beaming back data to Earth for NASA scientists to interpret — like these beautiful patchwork picture of the US.

A 10,000km Panorama Of Earth

In April NASA’s Landsat Data Continuity Mission took a huge panorama. From 705km above the Earth, the satellite shot a 10,000km-long, 200km-wide strip of planet from Russia to South Africa. It is aptly named ‘The Long Swath.’ Oh and it’s 19.06 gigapixels.

NASA Video Shows Landsat Successful Separation From Rocket

The latest Landsat satellite has successfully separated from the Atlas V booster and it’s now alive and well orbiting Earth. It’s the most powerful and modern Landsat satellite yet, the last member of a saga that has provided with vital information to everyone, from farmers to environmental scientists.

The Five Most Beautiful Photographs Of Earth According To NASA

The Landsat satellites have been watching Earth uninterruptedly for a record 40 years. During that time they have acquired millions of amazing images of our home world, available for everyone in the planet. These are the five most beautiful ones, according to NASA.

Satellite Imagery Captures Earth As Painting

What you’re looking at is a satellite image of the Dasht-e Kavir. Its mix of sand and marsh puts any artist to shame. And this shot is just one of 60 equally remarkable photos from a roundup from Webdesigner Depot.

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