Pilot Lands Aeroplane In The Middle Of A Forest Way Up In The Mountains

That’s some serious skill. Not only is the plane landing in the mountains, it’s also in the middle of the forest. Not only is it in the middle of the forest but the runway is incredibly narrow. Not only is the runway narrow but it’s a bumpy arse strip of dirt too. So yeah. That is some serious skill.

Skydivers Fail To Open Parachute On Time And Almost Crash On The Ground

These two guys were enjoying their skydiving so much that they lost track on their altitude meters failing to open the parachute on time for a safe landing. Luckily they fell on what it seems to be a corn field and that softened the landing.

Neat Point-Of-View Video Shows The Vertical Re-Entry Of The Falcon 9

Video: The Falcon 9 performed a vertical soft landing test last week, and SpaceX got a pretty neat point-of-view video of the re-entry and touch down from an onboard camera. The camera’s glass broke thanks to the landing burn but the images of the rocket entering the earth from such an unusual perspective are really impressive nonetheless.

I Can't Believe This Twisting Plane Managed To Land In Such Bad Weather

The pilot in this twisting and turning plane must be ridiculously disciplined, have palms that never sweat, a personality that never stresses and big brass ones because that’s what it takes to land a plane in such shit weather.

This Dutch Airport Has One Of The Lowest Final Approaches In The World

Gilze-Rijen is — according to The Aviationist — one of the airports with the lowest final approaches in the world. They get so low that, when you are there, you think they are going to touch down on the road that crosses the head of the runway. In fact that has happened.

Seriously, Don't Watch This Aeroplane Landing If You're Afraid Of Flying

Bilbao. Great city, great people, great food — and one of the worst airports in the world.* The winds over its runways are crazy. Check out this video of an aborted landing filmed last Friday. Madness.

Watching Planes Take Off And Land Is Like Playing A Video Game

This timelapse video shows the controlled chaos that is aeroplanes taking off and landing at San Francisco International Airport. If you ever played Flight Control on your phone, it’s pretty much exactly as impossible as that.

Meet The Most Important Parachute In The Solar System

The Mars Curiosity Rover is now on the surface of Mars. During the seven minutes of terror that preceded touch down, all the stages had to work perfectly in sync, or the rover would have plunged into the surface. The first critical piece was the parachute.

Watch The Mars Curiosity Rover Landing Live With Gizmodo Australia

Not long now until the highly-anticipated landing of the Curiosity Rover on Mars. Watch the full, live, uninterrupted stream right here on Gizmodo Australia.

Images Of The Apollo Landing Sites From The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter

Here they are at last. The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter has sent photos of the Apollo lunar landing sites. Here you have all of them. I will say it again: Moon landing conspiracy theorists, SHUT. THE. FUCK. UP.