A Lamp That Looks Exactly Like Sneakers Tossed Over Power Lines

If you’re on the hunt for a truly unique lamp to accessorise your living room, Etsy is a far better place to start than IKEA. Because that’s the only place you’ll be able to buy this illuminating creation from Ricochet Studio that looks like a pair of shoes tossed over a power line.

A Beautiful Lampshade Carved From Solid Granite

This may be a lampshade, but light isn’t what it does best — because this new interpretation of the classic industrial lamp is carved from a solid piece of granite. The brainchild of AStudio, the Mika 350 is a pendant lamp inspired by ancient Celtic forts of the 6th century BC.

Trade In Your Boring Desk Lamp For This Glowing Optical Illusion Light

Good lighting can make or break the ambience in a room. For something truly unique that finally makes illumination fun again, check out the Bulbing Light, a really cool Kickstarter-turned-Moma Design Store product that combines simple materials with magical effects.

IKEA's New Glowing Stool Lights A Safe LED Fire Under Your Butt

It’s never too early to start planning and stockpiling what you’ll need when you eventually move out of home. And since you’ll probably be crammed into something really tiny, IKEA’s new glowing LED stool does double duty as a lamp and place to sit/pile dirty laundry.

This Self-Folding Lamp Definitely Paves The Way For Real Transformers

With countless wires protruding from the side, as a lamp, this creation from researchers at Harvard is a disappointment at best. But as a demonstration of future technologies that promise to revolutionise manufacturing — like printable, self-assembling electronics — it’s about as awesome as tech demos can get.

An LED Wand Turns Your Wine Bottles Into Lamps Without Flame

Before you spend years turning an empty wine bottle into a decorative lamp by covering it in countless melted candles, consider these LED alternatives instead. Not only do they glow brighter, they’re much less of a fire hazard — it’s a win-win.

Paul Smith's Take On The Anglepoise Is A Brilliant Riot Of Colour

When Paul Smith got his hands on the design icon that is the Anglepoise Type75 desk lamp, the result was always going to be striking — and spattered with clashing colours, it certainly is. The special edition of the lamp uses Smith’s trademark discordant colour choices to pick out each element of the lamp’s mechanical workings in a different hue.

These Magical OLED Lamps Are Embedded With Real Dandelions

Almost everyone has some majestic memory involving summer sunshine cutting through a field and blowing white, fluffy dandelion seeds into the wind. Soon you can immortalise those warm feelings with a sleek, almost scientific-looking OLED lamp featuring a dandelion encased in acrylic.

These Lamps Blow Up Just Like Balloons

These LED lamps don’t have much to them — because most of their integrity is supplied by the air from your lungs, which fills their polyethylene skins.

Forget On/Off Switches, These Force Lamps Only Shine Under Pressure

Your average human will buckle under too much pressure, but the more weight you pile on these force-sensing lamps, the brighter they will shine. Designed and built by Kebei Li, a pressure sensor inside the lamps works like a bathroom scale. But instead of displaying weight, they cause a ring of LEDs to burn bright depending on how much something weighs.