LaCie's D2 Thunderbolt 2 Can Be Upgraded With Extra SSD Storage

Speed, size, and even aesthetics all come into play when it comes to choosing an external drive for a computer, but storage capacity is always the most important factor influencing a purchase decision. And with LaCie’s new d2 Thunderbolt 2 external drive, you can actually boost both the storage and transfer speeds with an optional SSD upgrade that’s easy to install.

LaCie's New Rugged Thunderbolt Drive Has An Integrated Cord

If you were a filmmaker who spent a lot of time on the road, LaCie’s new rugged Thunderbolt drive would be on your wishlist. It’s wrapped up in a neat little IP-54-rated water-resistant and drop-resistant package, with the cord already attached. And it’s about as fast as they come.

LaCie's Culbuto Flash Drive Wobbles, But It Won't Ever Fall Down

How often do you remove a USB flash drive from your computer, place it somewhere on your desk, and then have it instantly disappear? Too often. It’s one of those bizarre mysteries of — life like socks going missing in the dryer — that LaCie may have just eradicated with its bulbous new Culbuto flash drive.

LaCie's Silver-Plated Steel Sphère Houses 1TB Of External Storage

If you prefer everything on your desk to be a stunning example of industrial design, LaCie’s new Sphère is an external hard drive you won’t want to hide behind your monitor. It looks like a giant drop of mercury thanks to its hand-crafted and highly-polished silver-plated steel housing which helps explain why you’ll be paying $500 or more for just a single terabyte of storage.

LaCie's Fuel Tank Is Filled With 1TB Of Wireless Storage, Not Petrol

Even if you’ve splurged on the most capacious smartphone or tablet you can find, at one point you’re still going to run out of storage space. And in lieu of constantly swapping tiny memory cards, LaCie’s new Fuel offers a full terabyte of storage that’s available to your mobile devices via a direct wireless connection.

LaCie's Little Big Disk Thunderbolt 2 Is As Fast As External Drives Get

Intel officially unveiled the details of its Thunderbolt 2 specification back in April, and while we’ve already seen the release of hardware like motherboards that support the Thunderbolt successor, LaCie’s new Little Big Disk Thunderbolt 2 is one of the first external drives that will officially support the blazing new connection.

LaCie 5big NAS Pro Hands-On: This Super-NAS Is Super Expensive

You will pretty much always get what you pay for when it comes to technology. Get a cheap device and you can expect a cheap experience. Spend a little extra and get a better experience. Simple. So what are we to make of LaCie’s 5big NAS Pro? It’s very good, but the price will just about make you faint.

LaCie 5big Lightning Drive Hands-On: Getting Bigger And Better

When it comes to storage, there’s only one rule: you can never have too much. LaCie has recently added the 5big — a massive five bay RAID storage unit with zippy Thunderbolt for your Mac — to its line-up.

LaCie's 4TB Blade Runner Hard Drive Looks Like A Renaissance Sculpture

LaCie’s always had a certain flair for external hard drive design, bringing as much style to its hardware as functionality. But the company appears to have just one-upped its past efforts with the stunning Blade Runner that packs four terabytes of storage into an enclosure that looks like it was sculpted by a renaissance master.

LaCie's 5big Thunderbolt RAID Puts 20 Terabytes On Your Desk

Last year LaCie showed up to the Thunderbolt party with its 2big RAIDs that promised capacities of up to eight terabytes. A number we all foolishly oohed and awed at not realising how pitiful it would sound compared to the company’s new 5big RAID that tops out at 20 terabytes and speeds of up to 785MB/s.