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After Two Years Of Nuclear Crises, Japan Opens Its Biggest Solar Park

This month, Japanese electronics company Kyocera launched the country’s largest solar plant. The facility can power 22,000 homes — and, maybe more importantly, it poses no risk of melting down, injuring workers or spewing radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean.

Bear Grylls Likes The Kyocera Torque, Doesn't Take Sh*t From Other Smartphones

Bear Grylls, tough-guy of many words uttered in a gruff, pee-drinking, yet hopeful voice is endorsing a smartphone. Let’s be real here, if he says it’s waterproof, dirt-proof and drop-proof it probably is. But let’s take a closer look, shall we?

With A Ceramic Transducer, You'll Hear Voices Inside Your Head

Japanese electronics company Kyocera has developed an innovative new transducer to replace outmoded — and underperforming — speakers in a phone.

Kyocera's Double-Headed Echo Phone Is Mutant Without The Super

The Kyocera Echo is the strangest phone I’ve ever seen. Inside, it’s just mundane – but on the outside, it’s a batshit bizarre, morphing, dual-screen stab at DS form with iPad function. It fails at both. It’s freakishly bad.

Kyocera's Dual-Screen Android Echo Phone Confirmed On Sprint's Website

Looks like the WSJ was on to something after all; Sprint’s website confirms the existence of the dual-screen, Android-packing Kyocera Echo. It’ll apparently pivot open to 4.7 inches of display real estate, which doesn’t sound so big, does it? [Sprint via Engadget]

Tonight's Sprint Surprise: A Dual-Screen Android Phone?

Sprint’s hosting a big ol’ magic party tonight in NYC, with special drowsy-eyed guest David Blaine helping introduce “another industry first”. According to the WSJ, that means a dual-screen Android handset from Kyocera.

Kyocera's Folding OLED Phone With Shape Shifting Buttons Definitely Does Not Exist

Kyocera’s EOS phone concept is chock full of outlandish features. From its tri-fold OLED design to its unique method of using kinetic energy, the EOS is just what we like to see in a concept.

Kyocera NS01 Mobile Phone's Trusty Belt Is Easy to Access for You, Robbers

Hanging electronics from clothes always seem to scream, “please take my things,” but the Kyocera NS01 mobile phone goes one step further because it’s attached to a belt. But that won’t save you from a gun.

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