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Making A Super-Sharp Knife From An Old Spanner

One of my favourite things in the world is to watch blacksmiths take old tools and repurpose them into beautiful knives. This particular work from Trollskyy is especially cool because the blade just bleeds into the spanner.

Making A Meat Cleaver From A Circular Saw Blade

Video: John Heisz is an absolute master at repurposing old things into awesome and beautiful knives and tools. Here he is carving a meat cleaver from an old circular saw blade. The blade on blade cutting action is spectacular, the sanding of the knife is always fun to see and the making of the handle is way more complicated than I thought.

Making A Knife From A Chunk Of Concrete And An Old Shovel

Fashioning beautiful weapons from found objects is always so fascinating to see. How does a person look at a chunk of concrete and see an elaborately detailed knife handle? How can we turn a piece of a shovel into a really sharp knife? Watch John Heisz work his magic below. There are a lot of satisfying noises that go with sawing things down.

This Innocuous Key Hides A Knife

Carrying around a small folding knife for everyday use certainly isn’t a bad idea, but it’s also another thing to potentially forget (or get taken by the cops). This tiny locking folder won’t do more than the basic tasks, but it’s small and discreet enough that you’ll probably forget you’re even carrying it.

The Knives Of The New York Times Style Section

The men’s style section of the New York Times just ran an article about city slickers carrying pocketknives. It’s a trend, apparently. Which knives do they feature and how do they perform? Let’s analyse it.

A Locking Knife Block Keeps Your Blades Inaccessible To Kids

When you’re bustling in the kitchen prepping a meal, quickly grabbing a knife out of a storage block is easier than digging through a drawer to find one. Storing them in a block is also just a better way to keep your knives sharp and in good shape, but it unfortunately means they’re easily accessible to children. So Joseph Joseph has incorporated a locking mechanism into its new LockBlock that makes knives harder for kids to remove.

Watching A Knife Instantly Heat Up Makes Me Believe In Magic

Video: Induction forging is probably the closest thing we have on this wee Earth that can be considered magic. Just watch this knife glide through the coils of this induction heater and instantly (instantly!) glow bright red because it got so damn hot. I would stick all kinds of metal through that hole.

Chef Magically Cuts A Carrot Into An Elaborate Net

On good days, my knife skills could be considered rudimentary. On most other days though, I’m probably a danger to myself. So never in my wildest dreams would I ever think that I could pull this sorcery off: turn a regular carrot into a perfectly webbed net by strategically cutting it with a knife. The chef is a magician.

Intricate Shadow Silhouettes Carved Out Of Butcher's Knife Blades

Beijing-based artist Li Hongbo — featured here with his fantastic malleable paper statues — created this neat series of silhouettes, carved out from butcher’s knife blades.

You Can Finally Buy Those Beautiful Wooden Kitchen Knives

First revealed way back in January of last year, The Federal’s gorgeous set of wooden-clad kitchen knives were only objects to lust over, not actually buy. It was a tease, for sure, but enough people apparently said “want” that Warehouse has refined the design and put them into limited production.

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