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You Can Now Enjoy Audio Tours Of The Smithsonian National Air And Space Museum In Klingon

Having already restored the original Starship Enterprise and put it back on display, the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum needed to find another way to celebrate Star Trek’s birthday today. So it commissioned extraterrestrial linguist Mark Okrand to record special audio tours of the museum in Klingon, to accommodate visitors from Qo’noS.

City Councilman Epically Resigns With A Letter Written In Klingon

Here’s how to make your resignation as a city councilman as memorable as possible (non-shameful division): write your whole resignation letter in Klingon. Trekkie and former city councilman David Waddell did exactly that, telling his mayor “chaq DaHjaj QaQ jaj paj”, which apparently means ‘perhaps today is a good day to resign’.

How To Spot An Undead Trekkie

Set your phasers to overkill and bring ensign Jimmy along as a decoy while we follow a band of fanboy survivors as they escape the horrors of GulfCon, site of the worst undead Trekkie outbreak this side of Fortune City.

Jenolan Caves Offering Tours In Klingon

If you like your holidays to include a certain quota of nerdism, then your next holiday needs to be at Jenolan Caves in NSW. They’ve just announced the world’s first self-guided cave tour available in the Klingon language.

The Absolute Most Important Development In Twitter Yet

140 characters. Automatically translated into Klingon. The future. (Note: technically, you’re limited to 100 characters to accommodate the ins and outs of Klingon phonetics, but don’t let it stop you.) [Tweet in Klingon via Mashable via ShinyShiny]

Man Spoke Only Klingon To His Son For Three Years

d’Armond Speers isn’t really a huge Star Trek fan. The reason he spoke only in Klingon during his son’s first three years of life was to learn about the language acquisition process. Yeah, sure. What a petaQ.

The 1979 Klingon Happy Meal

You may think the weird Happy Meal bundling came during the ’80s, but McDonalds was already busy making sure kids got their fix of movie-promotion McNuggets by 1979. Today is a good day to supersize.

There is Honour in Typing With a Klingon Keyboard

Cherry Keyboards’ Klingon Language keyboard is the best way to write a love song, a love poem, a love sonnet, or a love threat on your computer, assuming your computer still has a PS/2 port.

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