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The Perfect Turkey Timer

I love stupid single-purpose kitchen gadgets. Inserted into a turkey or chicken, this timer’s legs pop up like a boner when the inside reaches 73 degrees—not 82, like most—for perfectly roasted bird. It’s $US13. [NYT, Image: Tony Cenicola/NYT]

The Kitchen Of The Future As Seen By Mad Men In 1962

Behold! The kitchen futuristic kitchen of 1975, as depicted in Arnold B. Barach’s book, 1975 and the Changes to Come, from 1962. The dishwasher thing (or is it a shelf?) looks like it’s floating, people. Floating. [Paleofuture via Boing Boing]

Which Cheap Bottle-Top Wine Gadgets Will Provide You With The Tastiest Drink?

Our very own Wilson Rothman teamed up with his friends “Addison Richards, a certified sommelier and the wine director of the Wild Ginger restaurant in Seattle, and Noah Musler, an avid wine collector” to review some bottle-top wine accessories for the NYT’s Diner’s Journal. The article is well worth a read even if you’re not ready to hop into #drunkmodo just yet. [NYT]

Beer Bottles Reblown Into Glassware

Why is it that we’re perfectly fine reusing some glass and completely refuse to reuse other glass? For $US60, you can buy a six pack of tumblers, made from real beer bottles. [Windy City Glass via MAKE via boingboing]

BioLite Camping Stove Charges Gadgets And Cooks Beans

I’m almost too scared to tell you that the BioLite camping stove can burn anything. I don’t want to know what you’d shove in there. Still, the leftover heat can be used to power your gadgets – that’s good, right?

Tweeting Kettle Alerts Tea Drinkers When The Cuppa's On

Because of my dependence on tea, I make sure I’m always within earshot of the kettle whistling – but if you’re not, this smartly designed kettle, which tweets via Wi-Fi, will alert you when it’s boiling.

Radiation Drinkware Is Understating The Toxicity Of Your Beverage

Polluted Glasses are miniature, 208-litre drums that, when filled with mutagen (found in most energy drinks) are capable of rewriting your DNA in a most disastrous fashion. $US15 for two. [NeatoShop]

My Breakfast Could've Been So Much Less Disgusting

Milk jugs, useless. Milk comes in containers, sillies! But this jug is different: Using science – a pH sensor – it detects if the milk inside is sour. Which would’ve saved my granola this morning, truth. [Cravendale via OhGizmo via Wired]

Salt And Pepper Chess

Found at the Oregon Culinary Institute, this chess set enlists the various styles of salt and pepper shakers to a long-standing, strategic war. Also, saying “could you pass the salt?” for “CHECKMATE” must really ice the competition.

What Is This?

What could this be? Did Pac-Man dye himself in chrome? Did the power of my goatee split a rounded mirror in half? If you can make out the logo in the top right corner, you’ll have a hint…

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