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Public Charging Kiosks May Steal Your Data

You’re at the airport. You must send an important email. Your smartphone is about to die. Every outlet is being taken up by other idiots travellers. You spot a charging kiosk! You plug in! Now say goodbye to your data.

Rent A DVD When You Pick Up Your Next Pizza

Having a DVD kiosk stuck in a shopping centre never really made much sense to me. But sticking a DVD kiosk in a Pizza shop? Pizza and a movie for everybody!

Why Haven't I Seen These Before?

There are 23 of these “Quickcharge kiosks” in City Convenience stores throughout the Sydney CBD. That there is a 19-inch LCD screen, and its 10-minute “rapid charge” claims to be 50 per cent faster than regular chargers. Two bucks for 10 minutes. Pop-tart temptation included.

Future Of Libraries Looks Grim, Thanks To 'Book Vending Machines'

I’m sad because I’m part of the problem – the last time I visited a library was to photocopy something. According to the Wall Street Journal, “the generation” is killing the humble library, with outdoor kiosks taking over. [WSJ]

Fill 'er Up With A Gallon Of Chablis

In the very near future, kiosks like this one will allow you to pump your own wine like you do petrol at a service station. Utopia, thy name is La Cuve.

Dell Closing Down Their Retail Kiosks Across The Country (UPDATED)

You know those Dell retail kiosks that are located in big shopping centres and key locations around the country? They’ll be closing down within the next two months, according to a tipster from one of the locations.

Hahahaha! Blockbuster Renting Movies On SD Cards From Kiosks!

Oh, I hope whatever exec came up with this idea scores a huge bonus. Blockbuster is piloting a new program in the US that will load DRM’d movie rentals onto an SD card from a kiosk. The future!

Oovie DVD Kiosk Could Leave You With An Expensive Movie Collection

It sounds pretty good in theory. A self-serve kiosk with new-release DVDs inside for rent at the bargain basement price of $2.99 a night. All you need to do is swipe your credit card and pick your flick. But then comes the whole returning thing…

Reno Redbox Kiosk Begins Spitting Out $US2 Video Game Rentals

The first of the long-rumoured Redbox video games kiosks has gone live in Reno. Rentals are $US2 per night for an at-the-moment limited selection of 13 Xbox 360 titles.

Apple Patent Hints at iTunes Kiosks

A recent Apple patent application hints at the creation of iTunes kiosks for local and remote media downloading in public areas, such as airports, malls, hotels and even public transportation.

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