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Amazon's Gadget Lab Is Secretly Building These Three Things

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Amazon’s Lab126 — makers of the Kindle, iFire Phone, and Amazon Echo — is laying off dozens of engineers. That’s a shame. Some consolation: now we can hear about the gadgets they were secretly building!

Everything Amazon Is Supposedly Working On

You can always expect that Amazon will push out new Kindles and Fires year by year, but the Everything Store has so much more in the works. From travel sites to retail stores, there’s a whole bunch of rumoured stuff Amazon might be getting ready to roll out. Here’s a breakdown.

It's Finally Safe To Watch Porn On Your Kindle Fire

Kindle Fires can be great tablets, but Fire OS has always lagged a little behind the Android framework it’s based on. Now, Amazon’s built-in Silk browser is finally getting a private-mode update that will make it way easier and safer to watch porn.

Amazon Has A Faster Kindle Fire HDX And A Fleet Of Cheap, Tiny Tablets

Last year, Amazon’s Kindle tablets really grew up. They got fantastic and stylish new design, and a software update to back it up. This year, Amazon’s trotting out a new 8.9 Kindle Fire HDX with faster guts. You won’t find a 7-inch version if that’s what you’re looking for, but Amazon does have some staggeringly cheap new Kindle Fire HDs to take its place for just $US100 a pop.

Amazon Kindle Fire HDX Range Finally Available In Australia

For the longest time in Australia, the Amazon Kindle Fire has been the best content tablet you could never have. Amazon has figured out that there’s a giant island on the bottom of the world, and will now start selling the Fire range of tablets online and in retail stores, and much more.

Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 Review: Bigger Is Still Beautiful

We loved the Kindle Fire HDX. It’s faux-Android wrapped up in a budget body so beautiful you’ll learn to stop worrying and love the forked OS. Now its big brother, the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9, is here with the same flavour of lovely in a stretched-out package.

Kindle Fire HDX Teardown: Blazing Guts (Just Pray It Doesn't Break)

We’re big fans of Amazon’s new Kindle Fire HDX, but we’ve been waiting to see exactly what lurks within its sleek frame for a while. Fortunately, iFixit has now stripped it bare, and it’s thumbs up all round — unless you wanna try to repair it.

Kindle Fire HDX Review: Third Time's A Charmer

The Kindle Fire HDX is a big step forward compared to its forebears. It’s got a sleek redesign, blazing fast guts, and a few new tricks. Most of all, though, it’s the best small tablet you can buy. You know, soon.

Report: The Cheap Kindle Fire To Be Replaced By Cheaper Fire HD

The Kindle Fire HD is the Amazon tablet for most people. Last year, it was just $US40 more than the improved-but-uh-why-would-you-buy-this-again second gen Kindle Fire 2. BGR has an unconfirmed report, though, that last year’s Fire HD is this year’s Fire is very confusing for everyone, probably.

Report: Amazon's Tablets Will Get Sharper Displays And A New Design

BGR claims it has exclusive details about the Amazon Kindle Fire tablets that will be released later this year. It’s more or less what we could expect from a yearly iteration of a tablet. Here’s the skinny.

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