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James Franco And Dennis Quaid Join The Intriguing Sci-Fi Film Kin

An ex-con and his adopted brother are on the run from the authorities, an evil criminal and enhanced soldiers. Outnumbered, the only way they will survive is by finding a mysterious, ancient weapon in Kin, an upcoming sci-fi film by Josh and Jonathan Baker.

These Internal Videos Show Why The Microsoft Kin Was Such A Total Disaster

Long before the Windows Phones we have today, there was another: the Kin. You may remember it… as being total garbage. Well, now you can relive the horror with some previously unreleased videos WIRED dug up and watch Microsoft’s own Kin testers recoiling in disgust.

Microsoft Closes Down Unit Behind Courier Tablet

Microsoft has finally gone and offed Pioneer Studios, the operation that was behind the now dead, and still awesome, Courier tablet. The studio was the baby of J Allard, who broke up with Microsoft a year ago, and helped develop consumer electronics and experiences with products like Windows Phone 7, Xbox, Zune and the absolute flop that was the Kin. [Cnet]

Kin Studio Closing On January 31st: Kin Will Really Die Now

We thought it was weird when Microsoft killed Kin only to have Verizon oddly resurrect it. It doesn’t matter anymore because on January 31, 2011, Microsoft’s Kin Studio, the cloud that the Kin relies on to work, will close. Verizon will even give you a free 3G phone to replace your Kin.

The Microsoft Kin Is Coming Back To Life On Verizon

The Microsoft Kin One and Kin Two – which were killed off six weeks after launching – are coming back to life according to a leaked Verizon roadmap. Why, God, why?

Microsoft's 9 All-Time Worst Ads

Microsoft’s about to embark on a one billion dollar marketing adventure to support Kinect and Windows Phone 7. Good luck to them! Because as these past epically failed advertising efforts show, Microsoft might be about to waste a lotta money:

Steve Ballmer's Bonus Was Halved Because Of Kin Phone Screw-Ups

Two years on from taking over Old Billy Gates’s role, and Steve Ballmer’s not doing too badly. WP7 has got people excited, and Windows 7 is actually being used. Yet, he got half the usual bonus last year.

Microsoft Kin Gets A Little Twitter Software Update

Apparently the Microsoft Kin has received a little Twitter update, but it’s still not perfect:

More Kin Dirt Surfaces

If people had talked this much about Kin while it was still alive, it might have stood a chance. Oh well! The battle continues to rage over who gets the write the final chapter in Kin’s history.

Kin Memorial Site Helps You Work Through The Pain

Kin, we hardly knew ye. If you’re overwhelmed with grief over the demise of Microsoft’s pair of smart-dumbphones, or maybe – just possibly – looking for one last chance to make fun of them. The elegies are already rolling in:

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