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Microsoft's Kin ONEm And Kin TWOm Back On Sale At Verizon

We warned you they would be back – and look who just swaggered into town today, as if they never even got killed off by Microsoft. Should’ve picked better aliases, though – Kin ONEm and Kin TWOm is just plain weird.

The Microsoft Kin Is Coming Back To Life On Verizon

The Microsoft Kin One and Kin Two – which were killed off six weeks after launching – are coming back to life according to a leaked Verizon roadmap. Why, God, why?

More Kin Dirt Surfaces

If people had talked this much about Kin while it was still alive, it might have stood a chance. Oh well! The battle continues to rage over who gets the write the final chapter in Kin’s history.

Kin Memorial Site Helps You Work Through The Pain

Kin, we hardly knew ye. If you’re overwhelmed with grief over the demise of Microsoft’s pair of smart-dumbphones, or maybe – just possibly – looking for one last chance to make fun of them. The elegies are already rolling in:

The Anatomy Of Kin's Demise

The sudden death of Kin came as a surprise, but it’s increasingly clear that it shouldn’t have. First came hints of internal strife stunting Kin before it ever had a chance, and now the finger’s pointing directly at one man.

The Real Kin Culprit: Internal Microsoft Bickering

Theories abound as to the forces behind Kin’s speedy demise. And yes, ultimately the plug got pulled because it wasn’t selling well. But a theory over at ZDNet holds that spats between Microsoft’s internal fiefdoms doomed Kin from the start.

Microsoft Kin Two Gets The Teardown Treatment

Chipworks and iFixit teamed up to take a look beneath the Kin Two’s black and lime exterior, finding some things that were expected, like the NVIDIA Tegra APX2600 processor, and some that were, well, not, like a Sony image sensor.

Microsoft Kin Review: The Best Mobile Phones You'll Never Buy

The Kins have an audience, a sense of style, and – a rarity from Microsoft – a coherent philosophy. They’re precocious feature phones, with actual potential. So why are they priced like smartphones?

Microsoft Kin Hands-On Videos

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And here is what Microsoft Kin looks like. The interface is very Motoblur-like – and a bit sluggish. It’s definitely underpowered enough for you to think that the phone is slow, but not so much that it’s totally unusable.

Microsoft Kin: The Perfect Phone For Sidekick Fans

Microsoft’s Project Pink – sorry, Kin – in a sentence: It’s the phone I’d beg my mum for if I was 15 again. And didn’t want an iPhone.

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