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Kim Dotcom Dubbed A 'Fugitive' So The US Can Keep His Money

Mega and Kim Dotcom have had a rough time of it, with complex ongoing legal battles that have sapped his few remaining funds. Part of the problem is that US holds all his money and assets and are doing their best to keep it all for themselves.

Kim Dotcom Is Rambling About Starting His Own Internet

The last time we left Kim Dotcom, he was busy poising himself as “Hilary’s worst nightmare in 2016” with a brand new pretend political party, the Internet Party. Now, our future President Dotcom is busy rambling to his eventual constituents on Twitter about starting his very own internet. You know, just as soon as he gets enough money to do something about it.

Xbox Live And PSN Are Still Messed Up After DDOS

PlayStation Network and Xbox Live are still repeatedly going offline and experiencing problems, so if you’re itching to try out a new Christmas gift game, you may have to wait.

Kim Dotcom Is Taking His Political Party To The US In 2015

Kim Dotcom may be down on his luck, be he’s certainly not out. After failing to win a seat in New Zealand, the German-Finnish Internet entrepreneur has now announced that he’s taking his Internet Party to the US next year.

Kim Dotcom: I'm Broke

Long time, no Kim Dotcom. Well, perhaps the reason the German-Finnish internet entrepreneur has gone so quiet is because he’s flat broke.

Pranksters Get Kim Dotcom Kicked Off His Own Site For Piracy

Kim Dotcom is probably the most wanted man in the movie theatres’ fight against piracy. He’s under investigation by the FBI, and they’re trying to extradite him from sunny, safe New Zealand to the States. But those pale in comparison to his latest problem: his account on Mega, the cloud storage site he founded last year, just got terminated. Oops.

Kim Dotcom Good Times Album Review: What A Mess

Following news that Kim Dotcom has launched a new music-streaming service called Baboom, I had a listen to the only available album on the site, Good Times, written and produced by Mr. Dotcom himself.

Kim Dotcom Releases Electropop Album (Listen For Free!)

Last year, Kim Dotcom released a single dance track, and at the time he threatened to release an album. Now, as part of the launch of his new music streaming service, it’s here.

Kim Dotcom Has Cancelled His Birthday Party

I hope that ticket to New Zealand is refundable…

Kim Dotcom Is Having A Birthday Party, And You're Invited

Celebrity defendant and founder of MEGA, Kim Dotcom, is having a huge party in New Zealand, and the invite is to everyone in the world.

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