These Two Kids Enjoying Their First Snow Day Ever Will Melt Your Heart

At last, here’s a cool GoPro video that is not about someone jumping or doing something risky and stupid. Just normal people doing normal things. Or not so normal:

Awesome Parents Recreate Famous Movie Scenes With Their Adorable Baby

Aww. This is adorable. Lilly and Leon Mackie play dress up with their little kid Orson and turn him into baby versions of Luke Skywalker, baby Batman, baby Macaulay Culkin, baby Castaway and so forth so that they could recreate scenes from famous movies. You’ll see mum, dad and child pose for photos of baby versions of Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Die Hard, Terminator, Jaws and so many more classics. Orson is going to grow up awesome.

People Should Really Stop Trying To Sell Their Kids Online

We all know that there’s some seedy stuff on Craigslist. This is the internet, after all. But it’s so sad that desperate parents keep trying to sell their kids through Craigslist posts and connections. Just don’t do that.

Swedish Kids Say Their Parents Are Too Tech-Obsessed

In a recent study, 33 per cent of Swedish parents surveyed admitted that their phone and tablet use was a sore point with their kids. The children said that their parents spend too much time on the devices. And experts are weighing in about the developmental damage this could cause.

Holy Cow, This 10-Year-Old Kid Just Discovered A Supernova

There goes any feeling of accomplishment us grown-ups had today. 10-year-old Nathan Grey just discovered a supernova, unseating his own sister as the world’s youngest to do so. Talk about sibling rivalries.

A Mountain Range Of Shelves Turns This Kids' Library Into A Playground

Learning to read is a massive adventure in itself, but discovering the library — a magical place where the stories are plentiful and the books are free — is downright mind-blowing. In an effort to match the fun between the pages, the Mexican branding studio Anagrama transformed the interior of a local heritage site into NiƱos Conarte, a geometric mountain range of literature.

Anonymous Hacked Quebec Government Sites With Primary School Student's Help

Primary school boys can be a handful. Tracking dirt into the house, crashing their bikes, helping Anonymous take down the local government’s websites. Wait, what?

Removing My Children From The Internet

About a week ago, I began deleting all photos and videos of my children from the internet. This is proving to be no easy task. Like many parents, I’ve excitedly shared virtually every step, misstep and milestone that myself and my children have muddled our way through.

Make Kids Type-A From The Start With This Intense Toy Organiser

Childhood is about carefree play, but even kids have to move their crap out of the way sometime. Perhaps looking to lay down the law in a stylish way, Torafu Architects designed the koloro-wagon, which converts three stackable wooden baskets into a multi-tiered cart.

Five-Year-Old Crying Because NASA's Website Is Shut Down Is So Sad

Well, this is just horrible. Summing up how sane people feel about the US government shutdown, a five-year-old boy is in tears because NASA’s official website no longer works. Squabble all you want, but don’t rob kids of their space game dreams!