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This Charging Station Might Help My Cable Nightmares

Tangled cables are an unfortunate staple of my life, thanks to the five different devices I have to juice up every night. Until good wireless charging is a thing, I suspect that will never change; but this USB hub with its neat cable-management system might stave off insanity a little longer.

Holga Is Bringing Back Lo-Fi Photography With A Digital Twist

In an age when anyone with a smartphone and a steady hand can get a perfectly focused, well-lit shot, lo-fi photos feel a bit passé. But if Holga Digital has anything to say about it, blown-out shots with fuzzy vignettes are about to become all the rage on hipster Instagram feeds.

LED Guides In These Goggles Keep Open Water Swimmers On Course

Swimming from one end of a pool to the other in a straight line is a lot easier than trying to stay on track when swimming in a lake or open water. But a new pair of swim goggles can keep track of what direction you’re heading and help keep you swimming in a straight line using a pair of subtle LEDs.

Smithsonian Kickstarter Campaign Raises Over $700,000 To Restore Apollo Spacesuits

It’s official. The Smithsonian’s crowdfunding campaign to preserve and display Neil Armstrong’s Apollo 11 spacesuit ended early this morning. And it was such a huge success, they will be restoring Alan Shepard’s suit as well.

This Is How US Challengers Plan To Wreck Japan's Giant Robot In A Duel

America’s first giant combat robot needs funds to ready it for a hand-to-hand melee with Japan’s own battle mecha. And the funds — and big name support — are rolling in.

This 3D-Printed Lure Mimics Fish Sounds To Attract Your Next Catch

You don’t need much to catch a fish — just a line, a lure, and some patience. But if you want to get fancy, there are gadgets like the Fish Call, a throwable electronic lure that attracts aquatic critters by mimicking the sounds of fish feeding.

This LED Bike Helmet Gives You Working Brake Lights And Turn Signals 

When you ride a bike at night, staying visible is essential — and this illuminated helmet not only adds lumens to your ride, but gives you some added functionality compared to your average clip-on lights.

A Tiny Personal Transporter That Looks Like A MacBook You Can Ride

Parking a car in a crowded city is a nightmare, but navigating office towers with a bike in tow is no picnic either. The WalkCar promises to solve your commuting dilemma with a personal mobility device that’s so small you can carry it around in a laptop bag.

A New Type Of Temporary Tattoo Magically Lasts For Two Whole Weeks

Temporary tattoos are a fun because the regret usually only lasts a couple of days. But a pair of brothers from Toronto have created a new kind of temporary tattoo that’s just as easy to apply, but actually last a full two weeks through showers, swims and daily life.

Myo Armband: Australian Review

We’re so hungry for the future. We want to ride along on our hoverboard listening to our streaming music service on wireless earbuds while our face computers show us the day’s news. And while we do all that, we want to be controlling our devices with just a flick of the wrist. That’s the promise of Myo: a gesture control armband.

After testing it for a few weeks now, I can confidently say that the future is nowhere to be found inside the Myo.

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