A Jaws-Themed Deck Of Cards Is Surprisingly More Beautiful Than Gory

You’d probably expect a deck of Jaws-themed playing cards to be chocked full of gory imagery and only available in the back pages of Fangoria magazine. But the artwork on this deck is downright beautiful, to the point where you’ll almost want to frame an image of a swimmer being attacked by a great white shark — almost.

Sorry IKEA, This Robotic Arm Prints Furniture Any Shape Or Size I Want

This robot that can spin together 3D-printed furniture could really get your creative juices flowing. And maybe eventually inspire the world to nix sectional couches once and for all.

This Crazy Vertical Turntable Is The Best Way To Show Off Your Records

Thanks to the growth of Urban Outfitters and independent local free-trade coffee shops, vinyl records are back on the rise. But this is still the 21st century: Why settle for a pedestrian, boring, flat record player, when your vinyl could be proudly spinning vertically?

These Bulbs Mimic The Sun All Day To Help You Sleep Better At Night

It turns out that reading on your iPad is actually a terrible way to fall asleep because the device’s blueish glow can make your body think it’s time to get up. The colour of light can have a big impact on the body’s natural rhythms, so a new connected bulb called the Silk works to keep things in sync by matching itself to the colour of the sun all day long.

Beloved JRPG Rakes In $2 Million On Kickstarter In Eight Hours

At yesterday’s E3 conference, Sony announced that Yu Suzuki would be launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund Shenmue III, one of the most sought after video games in the history of the medium. At the time, we joked that it would probably reach its goal in around five seconds. Well, it turns out we weren’t that far off the mark — in a mere eight hours, the project has rocketed past its target to set a new Kickstarter record. Blimey.

This Innocuous Key Hides A Knife

Carrying around a small folding knife for everyday use certainly isn’t a bad idea, but it’s also another thing to potentially forget (or get taken by the cops). This tiny locking folder won’t do more than the basic tasks, but it’s small and discreet enough that you’ll probably forget you’re even carrying it.

Kickstarter Scammer Settles With FTC But Won't Owe A Cent To Anyone

For the first time, the FTC has laid the smackdown on the proprietor of a Kickstarter that failed to deliver on its promises. It’s about goddamn time — but it’s not exactly good news for the backers who, three years later, are still out some cash.

This Sturdy Drone Takes Aerial Shots Of Your Outdoor Conquests

There’s nothing like gazing upon the Rockies or looking out into a sunkissed desert to remind you that nature is beautiful — or that you’re a puny speck of carbon aimlessly drifting through the universe. Now, there’s a Kickstarted drone specially-designed to help capture those landscapes.

A Light Carbon Fibre Hat Insert Protects Pitchers From Line Drives

One of the more stressful jobs in baseball is standing on that pitcher’s mound. Not only are you trying to avoid giving up a hit, you also want to avoid taking a line drive to the head. A baseball cap provides zero protection, but a new lightweight carbon fibre insert wants to change that.

I Want This Screen Protector That Magically Gives iPhones A Back Button

Why doesn’t it have a back button? I ask no one in particular. Why do I have to reach all the way up there to go back where I came from? Soon, there may be an answer for my iPhone frustration — a screen protector with a virtual back button.

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