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Wooden Block Transformers Are Baby's First Optimus Prime

Plastic injection moulding might be a modern manufacturing marvel, but there’s still an undeniable appeal to good old lumber. So if you’re looking to introduce a little one to the joy of transforming robots, these wooden WooBots are a gorgeous alternative to mass-produced plastic.

This Solar-Powered Plane Doesn't Come With Batteries And Doesn't Need 'Em

A few years ago the Volta Racer — a solar-powered electric toy car — helped educate kids about the virtues of harnessing the sun’s energy. The Volta Flyer does the same thing, except that it’s able to take to the skies after just 90 seconds of soaking up the sun’s rays.

You Can Finally Buy That Beautiful Handheld Wooden Video Game Emulator

A few months ago designer Love Hultén had us all lusting over his portable wooden gaming console called the Pixel Vision that reminded us of the folding Game Boy Advance SP. And in response to all of the positive and envious feedback he got, he’s decided to put it into production and sell it via Kickstarter.

Warpo's Latest Toy Is A Creepy, Cuddly Krampus

We’re getting closer to Christmas — for many, that means presents, and for the young and young at heart, Santa. But now Santa’s fiendish friend from folklore is getting the spotlight in this adorable new plush toy from Warpo — the team behind the retro Legends of Cthulhu figures. And we’ve got an exclusive first look!

Spaceship Building Blocks For Budding Rocket Scientists

NASA might not have quite as large a budget as it once did for exploring the cosmos, but starting at just $US25 your kids can design and build their own spacefaring fleet with these gorgeous wooden building blocks from Huzi Design.

This Video Explains Everything That Is Wrong With Kickstarter

Kickstarter has made countless dreams come true and changed the way many companies do business. But over the past few years, it’s also become bloated with scams, half-baked product pitches, and brilliant, well-intentioned ideas that somehow never see the light of day no matter how much money we sink into them.

There's Finally Battle-Safe Foam Lightsabres That Actually Glow

In the world of Star Wars make-believe you usually have two choices: you can go with a realistic plastic glowing lightsabre, and never actually make contact with your opponent, or opt for safer foam, and battle it out without the glow. A new Kickstarter, however, promises the the best of both worlds.

Starforce Pi Promises To Be Your One-Stop-Shop For Portable Retro Gaming

The Raspberry Pi seems to have become the go-to mini-computer of choice for emulation enthusiasts. It’s cheap, flexible and small enough for just about any project. You’ll soon be able to add the Starforce Pi to the growing ranks of pre-built, retro game-playing devices available to the masses, powered by the Pi.

Connect These Modular Marble Mazes To Make One Giant Desktop Distraction

Toys are meant to be touched and played with, but there’s one toy that kids (and grownups) are happy to just stare at for hours on end: marble mazes. But Marbleocity’s laser-cut wooden marble runs aren’t completely hands-off; they arrive ‘all assembly required’, making them even more fun.

Kickstarter Bans Product For Not Existing

Kickstarter and vaporware go hand-in-hand, but as it turns out, there is a limit. That limit, apparently, is a laser-powered razor with no good prototype.

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