The World's Smallest 3D Printer Costs Less Than $300

The two biggest factors when it comes to choosing a printer are price and capacity. The bigger an item you want to print, the more expensive the printer will be. But if you’ve decided to just tip-toe into the world of 3D printing, and are just testing the waters, the $US299 iBox Nano looks like a great choice, as long as your printing plans aren’t overly ambitious.

The Way We Deal With Photos Is Broken. This Company Wants To Fix It.

Think back to the last wedding you went to. Or the last birthday party. Even the last nice dinner. Odds are you took multiple photos, dozens even. Maybe you even uploaded one to Instagram. But have you looked at any of them since? Or sent them to anyone? Probably not. And, if you did, it wasn’t particularly easy.

The Hoverboard Is Real, And I Rode It

I’m tired of being lied to. Tired of companies exploiting my childhood dreams of riding a hoverboard just like Back to the Future Part II. When Doc Brown let me down, I was ready to write off the whole idea. But this week, my dream finally came true.

The First Kickstarter I've Given Money To Is A Glow-In-The-Dark Toilet

I am a Kickstarter sceptic. A big one. And as such I have never felt compelled to risk putting down money for something that might never actually come to fruition — until now. I just gave $US45 to a glow-in-the-dark toilet, and I don’t regret it at all. Probably.

A Light Switch Whiteboard Is A Clever Sticky Note Alternative

Most people tend to be fans of leaving notes on the fridge, but I find that my singular desire for food normally results in skipping straight past the post-its and on to nourishments. That’s why I think that these whiteboard light-switches might be an excellent idea.

Magnetic Loft Hangs Bottles In Your Fridge To Give You More Shelf Space

Unless you’re lucky enough to have a second drinks-only fridge in the garage, your bottled beverages are probably battling leftovers and condiments for shelf space in your kitchen fridge. But you can end that war once and for all with the magnetic bottleLoft that lets you simply hang bottles from the roof of your fridge, freeing up shelf space below.

Hide All Your Online Activity With A $75 Tor Router

Concerned about someone snooping on your online activities? Tor is one of the best services in the world to anonymise your Web traffic, using a thousands-strong network of computers around the world to bounce your data on the way to its eventual destination, disguising its origin. If you have multiple traffic sources on a network, though, and installing Tor on each isn’t possible, you might be interested in a piece of open source hardware that can do the same job.

7 Spectacular Crowdfunding Fails

Some crowdfunded projects are awesome, and bring great but simple ideas to life. Others, not so much. But whether they’re grounded, or impossibly optimistic, all crowd-funding projects have a chance to fail, spectacularly.

Inside The Booming Business Of Kickstarter Coaches

Here’s a staggering statistic: Kickstarter backers pledge roughly $US1.5 million every day. Crowdfunding is a big business, despite its image as a folksy, grassroots-style approach to money. It’s so big, in fact, that it’s spawning a cottage industry of professionals who can help you cash in on your idea. For a fee.

Tape Decks Hacked So You Can Scratch Cassettes Like They're Records

In the video above, audio nerd Jeremy Bell demonstrates his invention, the ScrubBoard, which allows him to scratch tapes with his hands as if they are records. One of the advantages to the ScrubBoard is that you don’t have to hit the crossfader cut off the sound, you can just lift your finger off which means that you can scratch with two hands at once.

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