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Stuff A GoPro In This Football To Capture Awesome Aerial Photography

GoPro’s new Karma drone looks like a wonderful addition to any professional videographer’s toolkit, but at $1195.95, it’s not for everybody. If you don’t quite have the budget for the Karma, this €49 ($72) foam GoPro accessory is a cheaper way to capture some decent aerial footage.

The New Blair Witch Is Paying Tribute To The Original With Some Creepy Viral Marketing

One of the biggest legacies of The Blair Witch Project legacy remains its online, viral marketing. Now, 17 years after that phenomenon, the new Blair Witch movie is doing something similar.

The Genius Nail Capsule Captures Flying Finger Shrapnel

For every genuinely clever device that manages to succeed on Kickstarter, there are 1000 other ridiculous crowdfunding campaigns that thankfully don’t succeed. There’s a chance you might roll your eyes at the Nail Capsule, unless you’re not a monster and hate the thought of fingernail clippings flying all over the place.

Climate Change Is Making This Portable Air Conditioner A Must-Have Summer Accessory

Sunglasses, swimsuits, singlet tops and sandals are the usual accessories you think of when you’re getting ready for summer. But with climate change pushing summer temps higher and higher ever year, it’s probably not a bad idea to add the Zero Breeze portable battery-powered air conditioner to that list.

The World's Dumbest Travel Pillow Looks Like A Torture Device

We’re all more or less dead on the inside while we travel, and now the latest offering from Kickstarter is here to make sure we look dead on the outside, too.

Stranger Things Has Never Looked More Adorable Than In This Fan Art

Since its debut on Netflix, Stranger Things has taken over the world. Seemingly everywhere you go people are talking about the show, and artists have taken it upon themselves to reinterpret the characters in their own, fun ways. For our money, though, this is as good as it gets.

Time Appears To Slow Down Inside This Magical Picture Frame

Like the animated portraits and paintings hanging in Hogwarts and the rest of the Harry Potter world, Jeff Lieberman’s Slow Dance picture frame appears to rely on magic to make time run more slowly. But it’s science that gets all the credit here, cleverly manipulating what your eyes see.

You Must Solve A Puzzle To Turn Every Page In This Beautiful Wooden Book

The only downside to finding a really good book to read is that it will be over before you want it to be. But that won’t be the case with puzzle designer Brady Whitney’s Codex Silenda. Even though the wooden book only has five pages, you’ll need to solve a complex mechanical puzzle on each one before you can turn to the next.

Optical Illusions Magically Appear When You Fill These Soy Sauce Dishes

Tokyo-based designer Duncan Shotton takes advantage of soy sauce’s varying opaqueness to create a pair of unique sushi dishes that reveal three-dimensional optical illusions once they’re filled.

The 'This Is Fine' Dog Is Now A Stuffed Animal You Can Buy 

Everybody knows the “This is Fine” dog. It’s the meme of our generation. Because this is fine. It really is. Well, now you can buy a real life version of your favourite internet-famous cartoon dog. The creator of the comic has started a Kickstarter campaign to sell 33cm plush dolls of the firey pooch.

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