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How Long Will It Take Your Furball To Shred One Of These Incredible Cardboard Cathouses?

Cardboard has long served as an inexpensive plaything for cats. It’s a cheap material that you can use to build a climbing structure, or a cosy place for them to hide. Far from a weekend craft project, these cardboard landmarks won’t be an eyesore sitting in the corner of your living room.

An Absurd Solution For Keeping Your Crashed Drone From Drowning

A drone crash can be catastrophic no matter where it happens, but watching your expensive toy plummet into a lake is especially tragic because water and electronics don’t mix. There’s now a relatively simple way to ensure your drone survives an unexpected water landing, though. The inspiration? Insects.

One Year Of Kickstarter Purchases, Reviewed

The formula for inventing a new gadget used to be simple: have an idea, set up shop in your parents’ garage, eat only ramen, and eventually create a multi-billion dollar company. Crowdfunding has changed all that. Promising ideas go from a web page to million-dollar production runs in no time. But is it really working?

Aspiring Artists Can Make Like A Dutch Master With The LUCY Drawing Tool 

Artist David Hockney once stirred up controversy by asserting that many of the great Dutch masters — folks like Vermeer and Ingres — had relied on optical drawing aids to create their masterpieces. Now everyone can channel their inner Dutch master with the LUCY drawing tool.

The Omata One Is An Analog GPS Speedometer For Your Bicycle

With Australian cities bringing in harsh new cycling laws, being in full control of your bike is more important than ever. A cycling computer can tell you everything you need to know, but they’re not stylish. Omata’s solution to the problem is an analog speedometer for bicycles that uses GPS, and that also tracks your distance, time and elevation changes.

OLO 3D Promises To Turn Your Smartphone Into A 3D Printer

3D printing is alive and well, even if we’re not all manufacturing our own Warhammer figurines just yet. For example, portability is still an issue, though for the smartphone-wielding and less-serious 3D printing enthusiast, the OLO 3D presents itself as an interesting options.

These Tiny Magnets Could Stop People Stealing Bike Wheels

There’s lots of reasons why we can’t have nice things; when it comes to bicycles, it’s because arseholes enjoy stripping them for parts, or stealing them outright. This project is trying to fix that, one oddly-shaped magnet at a time.

Simple Stickers Help You Figure Out Where All Your Gadgets Are Plugged In

The tangled mess of wires under your desk isn’t just an eyesore. It can also make it impossible to figure out where every gadget on your desk is plugged in. Is it safe to unplug this adaptor? Oops, there goes the backup drives. Unless, of course, everything was properly labelled with easy to interpret stickers.

A New NES Game Lets You Play Russian Roulette Using The Duck Hunt Zapper

What started as an entry for last year’s Fantastic Fest is now inching closer to being a real NES game you can buy because Andrew Reitano and Mike Dooley’s Super Russian Roulette, which allows you to safely play the world’s most dangerous game, is now on Kickstarter.

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