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Rocket Scientists Hatch Cockamamie Plan To Blast Selfies To The Moon

If a friend told you he was going to blast a rocket to the Moon, and that if you wrote him a check he’d send your selfies along with it, you’d probably tell him to go find a job. But when a group of experienced rocket engineers made the same suggestion, you would probably pay attention.

Self-Rolling Dice Are One Less Physical Burden In Your Life

If you’re having a hard time getting your tablet-addicted kids to gather around the table for a nice family game of Monopoly, a new Kickstarter for a pair of motorised dice that magically roll themselves might help tear them away from their touchscreens.

What Does Virtual Reality Feel Like? This Muscle-Stimulating Armband Will Show You

VR technology has made huge leaps over the past few years, but one thing that’s sorely lacking is an interface that lets you feel in the virtual world. Now, a startup from the University of Tokyo says it has come up with one of the world’s first video game controller that let you touch in VR.

You Can Turn Your Phone Into A Radar Gun With A Simple Wireless Accessory

One day it might be just another one of the hundreds of features that come standard in a smartphone. But for now, a new Kickstarter campaign promises to turn your mobile device into a speed-measuring radar gun using a simple Bluetooth accessory.

Little Giants Figures Are Heroes With Brains, Not Brawn

All those muscles meant he could defend Eternia, but put a pencil in He-Man’s hand and sit him down for his HSC and suddenly he’s not so heroic. And is that who you really want your kids idolizing?

Go Download The NASA Graphics Standards Manual Right Now -- For Free

One nice thing about government agencies is that many neat things they produce are ultimately free to the citizens. Keeping with that tradition, NASA just released the graphics standards manual behind the iconic “worm” logo as a PDF. You can now download the 90-page document for free.

The Shade On These Perfectly Flat Lamps Is Just An Optical Illusion

Using the same science that makes fibre optics and modern communications possible, these ultra-flat LED lamps look like they have each got a shade attached to them, but it’s all just an optical illusion.

This Self-Rolling Yoga Mat Harnesses '90s Slap Bracelet Technology

Does the frustration involved with rolling up a mat keep you from avoiding a daily yoga routine? That’s my excuse, which is now rendered moot with a yoga mat that rolls up tightly all by itself thanks to some fashion technology that was popular in the 1990s.

This Charging Station Might Help My Cable Nightmares

Tangled cables are an unfortunate staple of my life, thanks to the five different devices I have to juice up every night. Until good wireless charging is a thing, I suspect that will never change; but this USB hub with its neat cable-management system might stave off insanity a little longer.

Holga Is Bringing Back Lo-Fi Photography With A Digital Twist

In an age when anyone with a smartphone and a steady hand can get a perfectly focused, well-lit shot, lo-fi photos feel a bit passé. But if Holga Digital has anything to say about it, blown-out shots with fuzzy vignettes are about to become all the rage on hipster Instagram feeds.

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