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Soon We Can All Join Paul Rudd In Mastering Quantum Chess 

Last week the internet learned that “Anyone Can Quantum” when actor Paul Rudd faced off against Stephen Hawking in a game of quantum chess. The 12-minute video has racked up more than 1.5 million views, with Fast Company declaring it one of the best ads of the week. And soon we’ll all be mastering the rules of the subatomic realm, with this week’s launch of a Kickstarter campaign to create a commercial version of quantum chess.

Ambitious Kickstarter Wants To Sell You A Detailed Model Of The Entire Island Of Manhattan

A couple of New York-based architectural and design firms are Kickstarting what could be the ultimate souvenir of the city — next to those tiny Statue of Libertys you can find everywhere. Imagine hanging an incredibly detailed 3.6m long model of the entire island of Manhattan on your wall.

The Walking Dead Is Getting Another Board Game

The world already has quite a few (and very good) zombie board games: Last Night on Earth, Dead of Winter, Zombicide… the list goes on. But if you officially slap “The Walking Dead” on a new miniatures game, the competition doesn’t matter, because it’s going to sell like hot, fleshy blood cakes.

For Some Reason I Want This Impossibly Complicated Cutting Board

Cutting boards don’t need to be complicated. They’re just big, preferably wooden things that you can chop on. Simple. But despite the flawless logic above, I still want this ludicrously expensive bells-and-whistles cutting station.

Add Heart Rate Monitoring To The Pebble Time With A Simple Snap-on Case

Pebble smartwatches have always taken a more basic approach when it comes to cramming functionality into a wearable. But for those hoping their Pebble was a little more capable as a fitness tracker, Tylt has designed a simple case that upgrades the Pebble Time with a heart rate monitor.

The Foam Fins Covering This Wetsuit Let You Body Surf Without A Board

The next time you’re at the beach and admiring the waves, don’t feel bad about not packing a surfboard. The WaveWrecker wetsuit can be kept tucked away in a corner of your boot at all times, and when the waves are ideal, it turns your body into its own surfboard.

It's Hard To Cheat This Pressure-Sensitive Carpet Alarm Clock

It takes a stronger person than me to actually get out of bed when the alarm goes off — after all, that snooze button is so conveniently located. But if the alarm didn’t stop until I was out of bed, there’s a chance I could actually eat breakfast one of these days.

Did You Back Oculus Rift On Kickstarter? Then You'll Get The New One For Free

If you donated to the Oculus Rift Kickstarter back in 2012, you’ll get a headset for free. Hey, tech companies being nice to consumers. Cool!

The Golden Ratio Holds The Key To This Spinning Egg's Peculiar Behaviour 

If you’re looking for an elegant, unique, and entertaining desktop accessory to enhance your desk at the office — something a bit classier than a drinking bird, and less familiar than a Newton’s Cradle — the PhiTOP could be the toy you’re looking for.

Slay Locked Doors With A Keychain Full Of Tiny Swords

How often have you let your imagination run wild and waived around the key to your car like a tiny sword? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Someone has actually produced an entire line of sword-shaped blank keys that they’re now trying to realise through Kickstarter.

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