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If you want to re-live the iPhone 5 announcement and/or measure the total seconds Tim Cook took a breath during the keynote, Apple just released the entire iPhone 5 announcement on its website. Watch it here and vote for who dressed best among Cook, Phil, Forstall and crew below.


They're small, they're powerful, and they're finally here. Pages, Numbers and Keynote for the iPhone are packed with features, proving just how extensive pocket-size productivity can be. They also prove that it can be a real pain in the arse to do work on your phone.


newVideoPlayer( {"type":"video","player":"http://www.youtube.com/v/BJ3SbxTu7Zs&hl=en&fs=1&hd=1&start=225","customParams": ,"width":500,"height":332.5,"ratio":0.615,"flashData":"","embedName":null,"objectId":null,"noEmbed":false,"source":"youtube","wrap":true,"agegate":false} ); It was October 2003 and Steve Jobs was on stage for a special worldwide simulcast keynote speech about iTunes. About four minutes into the presentation, he said something that made my pounding heart sink to my burning stomach.


Included version 1.2 updates for each $13 app: Keynote-to-PowerPoint format export, extra presentation animations and Keynote to MobileMe iDisk support; Numbers spreadsheets convertable to Excel format; and Pages allows for displayed word count and .txt opening support. Plus more!


newVideoPlayer("Jobsisms2_gawker.flv", 506, 423,""); Ladies and gentlemen, after hours of studious dissection of Apple keynotes (requiring countless YouTube clips, a non-linear editing program and a pile of empty Hot Pockets boxes that reaches our ceiling), we've figured out just how Apple "does it" and presented "it" to you here. Launching a new iPod or iPhone isn't about the new-fangled technology; it's about the showmanship. And here are the five, snake-charming ways Steve Jobs lures you to buy a new version of what you already have. SPOILER ALERT: It may involve comparing things to pencils.


Today Apple revealed its plans for WWDC, confirming that the Jobsnote this year will take place 10AM PST on Monday, June 9, rather than the usual Tuesday. (No word as to whether the turtleneck will still be black, or if the 3G iPhone will actually be present.) The WWDC will of course have two separate tracks, one for iPhone and one for OS X. More info at Apple's WWDC website, or in the press release after the jump. UPDATE: Some things we tend to forget repeatedly around here—WWDC keynotes are always on Monday, Macworld Jobsnotes are the ones that are always on Tuesday. My bad!


A lot of you have complained about Steve's "Booms" in the past. Old. Tired, you say, especially in our cartoons. Well, judging by yesterday's keynote, the Apple head man thinks the same. Compare and contrast yesterday's miserly tally of one "Boom!" to last year's bumper crop of 15 B-words. So, what word should El Jobso start repeating like a Tourettes-addled teenager now?

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Seriously? We weren't going to post anything on this, but lots of sites seem to be picking it up. Do you really think that Steve Jobs would let his keynote be leaked, and on Wikipedia of all places? The keynote that many of his own people don't even know about? We've even heard about employees who worked on the products being announced at Macworlds being surprised that Steve Jobs pulls it out during showtime. But if you really want to read the list of "what's going to be announced", hit the jump.