Lunchtime Deal: Logitech Gaming Keyboard For Half-Price At Officeworks

Those Logitech people make some pretty sweet gaming keyboards. Here’s one that’s half-price at Officeworks right now. Get in quick before it’s gone! [Officeworks]

What's Lurking Inside Your Keyboard?

Admit it, you all eat and drink at your desk over your keyboard. Imagine all the crumbs and muck that falls in there. It’s time for a spring clean.

Celluon Magic Cube Laser Keyboard Review: You're Ruining The Future For Everyone

When I was a kid, I was promised a future loaded with flying cars, holographic movies, interactive billboards and crazy new ways of engaging with super-powered computers. A few of those I’m still yet to receive, but one of them landed on my desk the other week for review: a laser projection keyboard. Little did I realise that it was just another broken promise waiting to happen. Let me explain.

Razer Switchblade Review: The Programmable Touchscreen Gaming Keyboard

When Star Wars: the Old Republic launched last year, peripheral maker Razer was ready, delivering a stylish mouse and headset combo that evoked the feel of the Lucasverse at a modest premium over similar devices. Razer was not, however, ready with the $US250 keyboard.

A Bluetooth Keyboard That Will Run Until The Sun Explodes

Logitech has added a new keyboard to its line-up of solar-powered accessories, except this one comes with Bluetooth and the ability to switch between three devices. Pretty nifty for solar-tech, but how long does the battery last?

Apple Patent Hints At Slim Keyboards Of The Future

Apple has been looking into ways to make existing keyboards thinner. A patent revealed this week shows it might be possible to shrink size, but who knows what it could do to performance.

Review: Logitech Tablet Keyboard For iPad

Keyboard cases for iPad are nothing new, but Logitech’s latest takes a different tack; it’s a keyboard for iPad in its own case.

Levitatr Bluetooth Keyboard Raises Keys On Command

One look at the Levitatr and you would think the sleek accessory was an add-on display or a large touchpad for your tablet. But hidden within the glossy, black design is a full-sized, retractable keyboard with backlit keys.

KT Spider: The Android Phone That Does It All

You want an Android phone? Done. You want a tablet dock for that phone? Also done. How about a PSP-style game dock? TV connectivity? Sure, why not? The designers of the KT Spider have gone all out (and then some) in their conceptual Android phone that really does seem to do it all.

Google Honors Les Paul With A Recordable Guitar Doodle

Google created an interactive doodle that commemorates legendary guitarist Les Paul who was born on this date (June 9) in 1915. The doodle is a virtual guitar that lets you play a tune and save it for posterity. You can use your keyboard or mouse to compose your ditty. [Google]