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Giz Tech Tip: Share the Karaoke Mic Or People Will Stab You

An unfortunate man in Malaysia learned the first rule of Karaoke by the painful way of being stabbed to death last week. (This is what he should have done to appease his attackers.)

Bush Airport Sets Up Karaoke Booths, Makes Travelling a Bigger Nightmare

Have a flight heading into George Bush airport in Houston? You might want to make some adjustments now that management has set up karaoke booths to entertain (?) weary travellers.

Sega's Disco Karaoke Machine Twirls Its Disco Ball, Connects to Mobile Phones

Two things set this Sega Hitokara karaoke machine apart from the rest: it’s connected to a cloud-based database of 43,000 songs via mobile phone and it’s got a whirling, light-up mirrored disco ball. Ohboyyes. Granted you’d have to be a fan of both karaoke (you strange person) and cheesy disco lighting, but what the heck—it’s a neat gizmo, with built-in mic and speakers. But it only connects to special karaoke-enabled mobiles in Japan, so you’ll probably not see one. Japanese disco karaoke fans can get them from December for the equivalent of around $US75 though. [Technabob via DVice]

Memorex SingStand Might Actually Make Karaoke Cool Again

The galaxy of gimmicky karaoke machines was starting to fade before Memorex’s SingStand came along. This baby organically melds mic stand and iPod dock, and at $US70 doesn’t even put you into debt to do so. The base is where the brains are—vox effects like reverb plus “Auto Voice Control” for removing original song vocals—along with two 4-watt “full-range” speakers. There’s even a second mic input for Sonny-and-Cher-Pre-Divorce moments. The catch is that there’s no 30-pin connector for charging or enhanced iPod control, but at least a 3.5mm miniplug means you can pop in your Zune or Sansa too. [Memorex via Electronista]

Lips Karaoke Confirmed, Lets You Sing Any Song on Your Zune (or iPod!)

Microsoft just confirmed that Lips is not just an awkward prerelease codename but the final title of the Xbox 360 karaoke game with motion-sensing, rhinestone-encrusted microphone we’ve been hearing about. Most interesting though is integration with your Zune or–gasp!–iPod for loading your own songs into the game. No more complaining that your local ‘oke joint isn’t indie enough for you. [Gizmodo’s E3 Microsoft Liveblog]

Talent Show Kit Lends Some Old-Tech Chic to Your Karaoke Warblings

I’ll admit it, some karaoke singers are worth listening to—from a distance—but even then my inner sound-technician always cries at their awkward mike-handling: and that’s where this freestanding microphone would be great. The Crosley CR25 Talent Show Kit may even add a little old-time radio show class to karaoke with its retro looks, inspired by a 1956 Sears Wishbook. It probably can’t turn you into the next Nat King Cole, but it does have microphone, amp and feedback/distortion suppression built in so at least it should sound good. Available soon for US$79.95. [Crosley radio via Red ferret] galleryPost('CrosleyTSK', 3,'');

Griffin's iKaraoke TunePrompter

Fans of Karaoke probably already own Griffin’s iKaraoke attachment for the iPhone, but their iKaraoke TunePrompter takes singing by yourself to the next level. You can now take song lyrics and create your own Karaoke videos with them and display it on the iPod Video or the iPhone, allowing you to both watch lousy home-made videos and know what the words are to all your songs. [Griffin via TechDigest]

Get Ready to Run for Your Lives as the iSing Hits

Last week we told of something that would bring more fear to public transport users than deodorant supplies running low in the summer months. This week, we bring you the reality. iSing. iDon’t Know. iWhat is the iWorld coming to, when a Karaoke version of an MP3 player hits the streets. There’s a video after the jump, but we all know that the reality will be much, much worse than that.

iPod Karaoke Patent Brings Fear to Mass Transit Riders

Some may call this latest iPod/iPhone patent from Apple “dynamics lyrics display for portable media devices,” but we call this Karaoke City. The patent details a scheme to activate “karaoke style lyrics,” which then grabs lyrics and displays the lyrics in time and in sync with the music that’s playing. This way, the right words are highlighted at the right time, automagically, thanks to the software that supposedly detects and matches vocals to lyrics. If they can make ANY song a karaoke song, it’ll make driving to the supermarket infinitely more fun than it is now. [UnwiredView]

iNavi G1 GPS Has 3D Maps and -ohmygod- Karaoke

Those of you who feel that your car’s Sat-Nav system is lacking something need to move to Korea. Or import iNavi’s latest baby, the G1. As well as having a screen that can show off everything from buildings to mountains in glorious 3-D, there is a geomagnetic sensor to stop you getting lost when the GPS signal tails off. But it’s the entertainment side of the G1 that really rocks. I mean, REALLY.

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