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These Bicycles Made From Old Cars Are Gorgeous And Green

Bicycled is a new company that’s building bikes out of junked cars. While that sounds like it could be a recipe for disaster, the results are actually amazingly beautiful.

Online Retailers Are Cutting Spam, Here's Why

For years, we’ve all been used to inboxes bursting at the seams with promotional email. But increasingly disgruntled recipients are starting to make their voices heard, and as a result online retailers are beginning to cut the amount of junk mail they send.

Where Do All The Forgotten PCs Go? In This Room.

Polish sculptor Marek Tomasik spent three years collecting junk PCs. And with those, he covered an entire 4.8m x 4.2m x 4.5m room from top to bottom with the guts of those PCs (it’s what any sane person would do, right?). Even better, it’s viewable as an interactive 3D map.

NASA to Use Lasers To Shoot Away Space Junk

Space.com is reporting that one idea recently floated by the boffins at NASA is to use lasers to shoot space junk out of orbit. Awesome! But it won’t be the pew-pew like laser explosion from Star Wars…

Shedding New Light From Old Junk

That’s a great-looking lamp, right there. And it’s made up entirely of ugly found materials. Frankenlamps, you see, are artist Cory Barkman’s specialty.

Junkbot Army Will Adorable You Into Submission

They may not have laser eyes or butler skills, but junkbots have a charm all their own. That’s why I’m so glad someone’s finally gotten around to paying tribute to them in a big ol’ junktastic gallery. [Dark Roasted Blend]

Confessions Of An Electronics Junk Collector

Some of it I really do plan to use. Some of it I can’t even identify. Hi. My name is Vin and I’m an addict. I can’t stop buying electronic junk.

Can Someone Tell Me What This USB Yoda Actually Does?

I saw the word “USB”. I saw the word “Yoda”. I reached for my wallet. And then this pesky voice spoke up in my brain and asked, “But what does it do?” And you know what? I can’t answer that question. Can you?

Mobile Phone Strap Allows You To Pinch Butts With Impunity

Generally speaking, the nervous guy sitting next to you on the subway frantically pinching a sexy-thonged butt charm is someone you want to steer clear of.

Space Station Crew Now Basically Just Playing a Real-Life Game of Asteroids

Sent into a panic about space junk for the second time in as many weeks, the International Space Station has been forced to reposition to dodge a four-inch chunk of Chinese rocket.

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