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Snapchat Is Hiring Journalists To Document The 2016 Presidential Race

In its latest attempt to brand itself as a media entity, Snapchat is now hiring journalists to cover the 2016 presidential race. To Snap the race, more accurately.

How Big Data Busted Abe Lincoln

It’s easy to think of data journalism as a modern invention. With all the hype, a casual reader might assume that it was invented sometime during the 2012 presidential campaign.

All The Dreamy Drone Businesses The FAA's Proposed Rules Would Kill

There are plenty of very good, fun, and helpful things that drones can do — things like monitoring crops and delivering beer and saving lives. Unfortunately, over the weekend, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) released the first draft of its rules for commercial drones, and guess what? The rules would make a lot of those things illegal.

British Spies Hacked The Emails Of Journalists All Over The World

New documents leaked by Edward Snowden to The Guardian reveal that the British spy centre GCHQ collected email messages from major news outlets around the world, including the BBC, Le Monde, New York Times and the Washington Post.

Oh Dear, A Startup Is Snapchatting The News

There’s a startup called NowThisNews that delivers the news du jour in short videos embedded on their site and mobile apps. But these days, apparently that’s not enough. So the Awl has noticed, now in addition, NowThisNews is sending out news bulletins via Snapchat. Abandon all hope.

Quakebot: An Algorithm That Writes The News About Earthquakes

The first story published about L.A.’s Monday earthquake had an interesting line appended to its end: “This information comes from the USGS Earthquake Notification Service and this post was created by an algorithm written by the author.”

Don't Believe A Word Of Last Night's US 60 Minutes NSA Interview

Over in the US last night, CBS ran an American 60 Minutes special about the ongoing NSA debacle. It claimed to give “unprecedented access to the agency’s HQ” and “for the first time” explain “what it does and what it says it doesn’t do: spy on Americans.” It was also, incidentally, a pile of steaming bull. Watch…

Some Good Things Drones Can (Actually) Do

While everyone is freaking out about Amazon’s plan to unleash an army of delivery drones on the world, it’s important to remember that these flying robots can do much more than just move packages.

Thousands Of Confidential Bloomberg Terminal Messages Reportedly Found Online

Just the other day, the New York Post outed Bloomberg reporters for monitoring Bloomberg terminals to track Wall Street traders’ accounts. Now, the Financial Times has pointed out another egregious but unrelated security problem: apparently more than 10 thousand confidential terminal records have been on the internet — searchable by Google — probably for years.

Bloomberg Reporters Used Sketchy Terminal Access To Collect Info

Trading on Wall Street is basically a huge game of poker and it would be kind of hard to bluff or cover your strategy if Bloomberg reporters were watching your account to see which resources you were accessing on Bloomberg terminals. So you assume that they are not abusing their company affiliation, because it would be shady and weird. Aka they are definitely doing that.

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