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John McAfee Presidential Campaign Update: He Will Not Kiss Babies

Former software mogul and current cartoon millionaire John McAfee is running for President of the United States. But he will not be kissing babies to do so. And, for that, he apologises.

Everything We Learned From John McAfee's Maniacal Campaign Video 

Would you like to see anti-virus tycoon, South America murder-adventure enthusiast and occasional fugitive John McAfee giving you crazed Vigo the Carpathian eyes as he recites excerpts from the Gettysburg Address?

John McAfee Is Starting A New Political Party For His Presidential Run

Remember earlier today when we told you that John McAfee was thinking about running for President? Well, he just filed the paperwork to make it official. According to The Hill, McAfee will be “founding a new party yet to be announced.”

John McAfee's Mysterious 'Advisors' Want Him To Run For President

One-time security expert and full-time fun guy John McAfee has an announcement to make: “My advisors are pressing me to run.” For president. Of the United States of America. This year.

Do You Text In The Shower?

John McAfee — you know, the bizarre, eccentric millionaire behind famous antivirus software — says teenage girls are texting in the shower. And people are SPYING on them doing it. That just sounds ridiculous (no, not the spying thing, that’s actually possible). Who in their right mind would bring their phone with them into the shower?

John McAfee Wants You To Stop Using Google

John “Crazy” McAfee, the creator of the barely-passable virus-scanning program, has called upon people to resist Google” to protect their privacy. Thankfully, he still has his clothes on in this one.

Here's John McAfee In Another Bizarre YouTube Video

I don’t even know what this is. It’s not as batshit insane as McAfee’s guide to uninstalling McAfee Antivirus which improbably makes it even weirder. Like McAfee has reached another level of ridiculousness by being more calculated in his ridiculousness.

A Disturbed John McAfee Teaches You How To Uninstall His Software [NSFW]

John McAfee is one weird guy, and this video only serves to bolster that reputation. Uploaded to YouTube last night, it’s a hilarious — and entirely NSFW — video that sees the man himself teach you how to uninstall McAfee Antivirus.

John McAfee Is Hunkered Down In Portland Now

Of course it’s Portland. The weirdest story in tech in 2012 has resurfaced in the northwestern US. McAfee is going to be spending the next 18 months in the city, and we’re trying to figure out what his next move is.

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