Uber Wants To Create 20,000 Jobs In The Australian Economy, But What Sort Of Jobs Are They?

If you’re a subscriber to Uber in Australia, you received a curious email yesterday. “Uber creating 20,000 new jobs in Australia in 2015″ was the subject, and the crux of the missive was to tell subscribers that despite what they may have heard from incumbent operators, Uber is doing good things for the economy. So what are these 20,000 new jobs Uber wants to create in Australia, and can it pull it off? The devil, as always, is in the detail.

Seth Rogen Is Woz

Variety is reporting that Seth Rogen has the part as Woz in Jobs, the upcoming Aaron Sorkin-penned biopic of the Apple icon. Christian Bale has been cast in the role as the main man Steve, and this new addition… is surprising.

US Job Applicants Admit More To A Computer Avatar, Says Government Study

Researchers at the National Center for Credibility Advancement, the US military’s “premiere educational centre for polygraph and other credibility assessment technologies and techniques,” studied whether potential government job applicants would admit more to a computer-generated avatar versus self-reporting on a paper or computer questionnaire. They created a talking head avatar and gave it an automated dialogue tree of questions.

What It's Like To Taste Frozen Food For A Living

Understandably, there is some point in life where getting paid to stuff your face with french fries might sound like a desirable thing. For most people, this point quickly passes. A former professional frozen food taster tells all in a gross and engrossing interview at The Billfold.

Steve Wozniak Tells Us He Can't Pick An Actor To Play Him -- Can You Help?

There are rumours that Christian Bale would play Steve Jobs in the good Jobs movie — written by Aaron Sorkin. But who can play the awesome Steve Wozniak? He’s one of my personal heroes and I’m having a hard time imagining it. So I asked him about his opinion. Here’s his reply:

CSIRO Braces For Massive Staff Cuts

Australia’s peak science body is facing a swathe of staff cutbacks in the coming months, with hundreds of scientific support staff, ancillary teams and senior managers heading for the chop in a bid to save cash.

Harvard's Hiring A Wikipedian-In-Residence

Do you like Wikipedia? Are you a fan of obscenely wealthy educational institutions with unspeakable power? Then you’ll love the job listing that just went up at Harvard. They’re hiring a Wikipedian-in-Residence. It pays by the hour.

What Does It Take To Snag A Job As A Lego Designer?

The Wall Street Journal goes behind the scenes today at a very stressful job interview for the coolest job in the world: Designer at Lego world headquarters in Billund, Denmark.

Who Won The 20 Jobs Movie Double Passes?

Steve Jobs is a man no more but soon he will be a movie. Ashton Kutcher-starring-biopic Jobs , opens in Australia on 29 August. To celebrate we have 20 prize packs including double movie passes and a poster for lucky Gizmodo readers to win.

The Spy Who Hired Me: ASIO Is Hiring Telco Interception Spooks

When the news broke that the NSA was spying on the planet with its PRISM program, people around the world were horrified that the veil of privacy was in fact as transparent as ever. However, I’d wager a limited few said to themselves ‘sweet, how can I get involved?’. Wonder no longer wannabe-spooks: Australia’s intelligence agency is now hiring a brand new interception team.