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Watch The F-16's Autopilot Mode Save An Unconscious Pilot's Life

The US Air Force has declassified a harrowing video showing the heads-up display of student pilot who passed out during a tight manoeuvre. Mercifully, his F-16 was equipped with a ground collision avoidance system, saving him from certain death.

This New Supersonic Jet Could Cut International Travel Times In Half

Sydney to Los Angeles in 6 hours. That’s the promise of Boom, a new aerospace company that promises the fastest commercial airplane ever, travelling at 2.2 times the speed of sound and nearly 300km/h faster than the much-loved Concorde.

Up-Close Aerial Footage Of A B-2 Stealth Bomber Is So Serene

Video: In this rare aerial footage, the coolest aircraft ever created looks even cooler. Aerospace company Northrop Grumman posted a video of its B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber and it’s nuts.

Here Are All The Awesome Vertical Landing Jets In History

Video: We all know how badarse the Harriers and F-35s of the world are, but some of these other vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircrafts from history are totally wild. The Williams X-Jet was essentially a flying one-man podium barrel thing. The Avro Canada VZ-9 Avrocar was legitimately a man-made flying saucer. And so many other VTOL aircraft look like they have been ripped from The Jetsons.

Australia Should Buy F-22s, Not F-35s, Says Retired RAAF Wing Commander

A submission to a Senate inquiry into the feasibility of Government’s planned purchase of at least 72 F-35 Lightning II fighter jets says that the multirole planes will be instantly outmatched in air superiority by the airborne wings of competing countries in the region like China and Indonesia, and will fare even worse against future threats. It suggests — hypothetically — that Australia instead push for the F-22 Raptor, a jet that the United States has never sold to even its closest military allies.

Don't Let These Horror Stories About Turbulence Keep You From Flying

The internet is filled with butt-clenching stories of horrifying plane turbulence lately. Is dangerously rough air becoming more common nowadays, or what? Well, yes and no.

A Mysterious Sonic Boom Caused Tremors In New Jersey

Tremors felt by residents of New Jersey Shore and Long Island today prompted speculation that an earthquake had occurred — but the US Geological Survey confirmed that the rumbling sensations were caused by a sonic boom.

Physicists: Nobody's Telling The Truth About That Downed Russian Warplane

Russia and Turkey each have their own version of what happened with that downed jet earlier this week, but science may have the last word. According to two Belgian astrophysicists, neither nation is being entirely truthful.

This Jet Display Is Like Watching A Reflection In A Lake

No matter how many times you see fighter jets get too close to things, it’s still terrifying to witness.

Seeing B-2 Stealth Bombers Land Is Like Seeing Alien UFOs Come To Earth

I forget how impressively thin and futuristic looking a B-2 stealth bomber is. I mean, just watch these two stealth bombers land at Royal Air Force Fairford in England, it looks like a UFO has just touched down on Earth and is ready to take over our planet. Or like a sci-fi fighter jet has hopped through a movie screen and been brought to real life.

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