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Watch Australia's First Electric Jet Ski In Action

Those crafty engineers over at the University of Western Australia have designed Australia’s first electric jet ski, and invited folks along yesterday to see in in action.

Jet-Skiing Through Your Hurricane-Ravaged Neighbourhood

What would you do if you woke up after Irene and saw your entire town had been flooded? Check your basement? Call friends and see if they’re OK? Hell no, brah — get out the jet ski and get x-treme.

How Do You Make Body Boarding Better? Add A Jet Engine

Jason Woods wasn’t satisfied with the scene at his local lake. The choice between giant, expensive boats and splashing around on the sand, well, sucked. So he made his own fun – a custom, 24km/h, jet-powered aqua board.

The Jet Ski Of Tomorrow

Lift off! This concept personal watercraft zooms above the water’s surface with the help of twin hydrofoils that act as wings. Without the drag from all those waves, its top speeds can trump those of a regular jet ski.

This Is What Douchebags Can Do With A Jet Ski And A Van

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Kids, if you ever have to get a jet ski inside a van, please don’t use this method. Unless you want to get a Darwin award for a lifetime of practising the fine art of douchebaggery, that is.

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