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Here's The Official Trailer For The Grand Tour

Video: Guys.. Fast cars. Powerslides. Three idiots cocking about. This is The Grand Tour.

Hammond, Clarkson & May's The Grand Tour Has A New Sort-Of-Stig

Video: Well, sort of. He’s actually the Stig, but not any more. And especially not on The Grand Tour.

This Is When Clarkson, Hammond And May's 'The Grand Tour' Starts

For those who’ve been missing the Top Gear days of old, Jeremy “Problematic” Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are returning with their own new show. The Grand Tour is an Amazon Prime exclusive, and will kick off on 18 November. Here’s what we’ve seen of it so far.

Here's Our Closest Look At Amazon's Drone Delivery Service 

Amazon has been talking about using drones to deliver packages for a couple of years, and today it debuted the drone in a commercial starring Top Gear‘s Jeremy Clarkson explained how the company will get packages from their warehouses to your front yard. It revealed a new hybrid drone for its upcoming Prime Air service.

Here's Why The Top Gear Trio Aren't Making A New Show On Netflix

When the announcement came that former Top Gear hosts, Clarkson, Hammond and May would be making a new show for Amazon’s on-demand platform, the internet was a little surprised. “Why not Netflix?” asked many commenters. After much head-scratching, Netflix’s chief product officer has confirmed why the streaming giant passed on new Top Gear.

Jeremy Clarkson Is Saying Stupid Shit Again, This Time In Australia

Jeremy Clarkson is on the road around Australia with the new-look Don’t-Call-It-Top-Gear-Live show, and in his travels around our fair country he’s finding new and interesting ways to surgically attach his foot to his mouth.

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond And James May Are 'Very Close' To Signing A Deal With Netflix

Millions of former Top Gear fans may be about to have their prayers answered, as former host Jeremy Clarkson hints that a new show involving Richard Hammond, James May and Netflix may be just weeks away from being official.

Meet The New Host Of Top Gear

It’s a changing of the guard at the BBC! The British broadcaster has just confirmed a new host and a new timeline for when we’ll be seeing fresh episodes of Top Gear. So who is it?

Jeremy Clarkson Talks Being Unemployed And When We'll See More Top Gear In First Interview

Speaking to BBC Radio 2’s Chris Evans (who has been rumoured to take over Top Gear in Clarkson’s absence), former Top Gear host and noted producer-puncher Jeremy Clarkson gave his first radio interview since his sacking, covering everything from what he’s been doing in his down time, what he’ll do next and when we’ll see the last three episodes of the popular car show.

Here's Jeremy Clarkson Teasing Us About The Future Of Top Gear

Jeremy Clarkson has a bit of time on his hands these days now that he’s not on the telly, so he’s helping out at his local community auction. But did Clarkson tease the future of Top Gear while selling off his lots?

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