Windows Azure: The Right Platform Whatever Language You Choose

Building for Windows Azure gives a wide choice of programming languages, from PHP to Java to Ruby to .Net. We chatted with Tim Buntel, Microsoft’s Windows Azure Platform Product Manager, about how Windows Azure fits into the overall development scene.

BlackBerry Playbook Could Support Android Apps

Boy Genius Report has one of the most incredible, yet somewhat believable stories of the year so far – BlackBerry smartphones and RIM’s Playbook tablet could support Android apps in the future!

More Evidence That Google Stole Code For Android From Oracle

Google endorses open-source activity around Android, but it looks like their developers “borrowed” a little too much from Sun’s Java code. Oracle, Sun’s owner, is already suing Google for seven infringed patents, but this adds further weight to their claim.

ABC's Mobile Division Cracks New Records

The commercial networks might claim the free to air Aussie Nielsen figures, but online? It’s as easy as…

Google: Oracle Lawsuit An Attack On Open-Source Java Community

Oracle, the company that acquired Sun Microsystems, the Java programming language and related technology in a nice package deal, accused Google of patent and copyright infringement in relation to those technologies. Based on its response, Google isn’t happy:

Oracle Files Lawsuit Against Google For Patent, Copyright Infringement

Oracle may be known for making database software, but it also happens to have acquired the Java computer programming language and related technology when it purchased Sun Microsystems. Now the company is suing Google for using those technologies in Android.

Optus Launches Its Own App Store

Editor’s log, Stardate sixteen eleven oh nine: I find myself slowly becoming overwhelmed by the sheer volume of application stores available to the modern phone user. What started off as a fresh, original idea to sell applications for a dedicated device has quickly descended into the murky bog of confusion as every phone maker and his dog jumps on the bandwagon. What’s worse – I’m receiving reports that now the telcos are trying to cut into this already overcrowded market, with Optus launching its own app store for Symbian, Android, Blackberry, Windows media and Java handsets. This is the toughest assignment we’ve ever encountered, and it’s going to require all our strength to overcome it.

Mac OS X Vulnerable to Critical Java Flaw, Windows Users' Snide Remarks

Mac users are still exposed to a Java vulnerability that’s been public for 6 months after Apple neglected to patch it in the recent honking 10.5.7 update. Okay Windows guys, point and laugh. But if you want to be super safe, you should turn off Java in your browser, no matter what platform you’re on. [cr0 blog via Slashdot]

Why Oracle Bought Sun Microsystems for $US7.4 Billion

Why did Oracle pay $7.4 billion for Sun Microsystems after the IBM pulled out before pulling the trigger? Two things says Oracle CEO Larry Ellison: Java and the Solaris operating system. [Computerworld]

Mobile Millennium Project is a Poor Man's Traffic-Relaying GPS

On Monday Nokia, NAVTEQ and UC Berkeley will launch the Mobile Millennium project which will use GPS data from thousands of mobile phones to gather traffic information in the San Francisco Bay Area. By having users relay and access the information, it will enable them to find and avoid traffic congestion, similar to the Dash Express GPS system. I’d participate, but I wonder how much researchers would benefit from my daily commute from bed to kitchen table.

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