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Google And Oracle Enter Round Two Of Heavyweight Legal Fight

After the jury returned a partial verdict in the copyright phase of the Google-Oracle trial – unable to decide whether Google’s recreation of the Java platform constituted “fair use” of Oracle’s copyright – the trial has now entered the patent phase, where the same jury will seek to decide whether Google infringed on Oracle’s patents.

Google Is Found (Kind Of) Guilty In Java Trial

The verdict is in for the Oracle vs Google trial on whether Java was used improperly in the development of Android. The answer? Yes, sort of.

The Galaxy Nexus Outperforms The iPhone 4S

Like we weren’t excited about the Galaxy Nexus enough already. The crew at AnandTech has been busily benchmarking Android’s new flagship against Apple’s top performer. The results? The Galaxy Nexus is the new king of the hill in some key areas.

Facebook For Every Phone Lets Dumbphones Check Facebook

Facebook just unveiled their Facebook for Every Phone app which will put a serviceable Facebook experience on even the crappiest of phones. I’m not kidding, Facebook for Every Phone will work on over 2500 different devices.

Windows Azure: The Right Platform Whatever Language You Choose

Building for Windows Azure gives a wide choice of programming languages, from PHP to Java to Ruby to .Net. We chatted with Tim Buntel, Microsoft’s Windows Azure Platform Product Manager, about how Windows Azure fits into the overall development scene.

BlackBerry Playbook Could Support Android Apps

Boy Genius Report has one of the most incredible, yet somewhat believable stories of the year so far – BlackBerry smartphones and RIM’s Playbook tablet could support Android apps in the future!

More Evidence That Google Stole Code For Android From Oracle

Google endorses open-source activity around Android, but it looks like their developers “borrowed” a little too much from Sun’s Java code. Oracle, Sun’s owner, is already suing Google for seven infringed patents, but this adds further weight to their claim.

ABC's Mobile Division Cracks New Records

The commercial networks might claim the free to air Aussie Nielsen figures, but online? It’s as easy as…

Google: Oracle Lawsuit An Attack On Open-Source Java Community

Oracle, the company that acquired Sun Microsystems, the Java programming language and related technology in a nice package deal, accused Google of patent and copyright infringement in relation to those technologies. Based on its response, Google isn’t happy:

Oracle Files Lawsuit Against Google For Patent, Copyright Infringement

Oracle may be known for making database software, but it also happens to have acquired the Java computer programming language and related technology when it purchased Sun Microsystems. Now the company is suing Google for using those technologies in Android.

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